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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Tweaking Cabinets, Hutches and Shelves ~ Part 2 Dining Room Hutch/Side Table, TV Cabinet

In my last post, I shared how I gathered all my
Rose Chintz by Johnson Brothers China and
placed it all together so I could gaze upon it daily.
That of course, lead me to redo my Hutch in the
Dining Room, Side Table and Cabinet Shelves
that surround our BIG Ugly TV.
Would you like to see the results?
Now here is Part 2...

My Hutch resides in my very Royal Blue
Dining Room...which is VERY hard to picture
due to my chandy that I have added single cups, pearls
and floral too.
One of the first collections I started during the
first years of my marriage over 27 years ago was
tea cups and plates that were mainly English Bone China.

Of course, the main themed patterns are of Roses!
Over the years I have gathered and been gifted with
tea themed goodies that now reside mainly in this room.

For my 5th Anniversary my sweetie got me the
beautiful Silver Tea/Coffee Service that I am now displaying.
A number of the silver pieces were either my grandma's
or found on my many treasure hunting expeditions.
OK, question, would you suggest painting my insides
of this hutch? 
I have seen so many do this out there in blogland
and on Pinterest.
 I debated doing this before I put everything
back up, but am not sure what color I would
use...would LOVE to hear your ideas.
Above is the side sofa table that I brought into this
room last year.  I am now using it for more
display of my tea cup and milk glass collections
I LOVE eye candy and seeing my beloved collections
all together now! 

Onto the gorgeous cabinet that houses our ugly beast! lol

I know we do not usually show the ugly TV's we must
live with.  Yet, in order for you to appreciate my efforts
I decided to share this.  Now, this TV is on its
last legs...when it goes I plan to move the TV over
our fireplace.  Then I may repurpose this cabinet and
use it in our office...that needs a makeover!

I had used the shelving in these space before to house
some of the overflowing collections I have.
As I sat looking at the TV for the past few weeks
I knew it wasn't doing it for me...

While PINTEREST~ING, I came across some
beautiful vignettes and displays and knew I needed
to update my look to reflect the styles of
decor I am trying to achieve.
Most all of these items are things I have picked
up when I was thrifting or treasuring hunting
or Shopped my home.
I hardly ever pay full price for anything if I can
find it for cheap!
I soooo Love the thrill of the hunt and using those
beloved things that speak to me. I honestly believe
that if you buy what speaks to your heart, and
use it in your becomes the truest
form of who you are
in helping you create Your Home.
Now, when I see these displays...
they make me smile :~)!

Now my tweaking is done for a while...
I hope I have inspired you to tweak your
shelving to reflect who you are!

Be Blessed!




Bismah Abdelgawad said...

Your wooden furniture is absolutely beautiful! I love how you display your items in each cabinet and hutch. If it were me I would not paint the inside of that hutch. But that's just me. I also love your china!
I am linking up from the "Creative Home and Garden Hop". Following you on Bloglovin.
Have a great week ahead :)
Bismah @

Mother's Violets said...

You keep playing house, it's great looking!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Everything is so pretty, I love all of your fabulous dishes. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Lorena,
Your home is amazing and I love all your gorgeous vignettes. Your rose dishes are out of this world. What an inspiration!! I know painted inside or not, you will create only gorgeous displays.

I understand the traveling too well my friend. We are winding down the last of the year and then hopefully Christmas brings a nice break till it all starts again in the new year. LOL
Getting used to the gluten free lifestyle and doing better and feel fantastic. What a difference leaving wheat out of the diet has made.
Hope you are feeling good and creating your gorgeous treasures for your shoppe.
Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment.
Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you again soon.
Love and Blessings
Celestina Marie