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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Framing Mirror In Powder Room

A few weeks ago I shared how I updated the
 cabinet and painted  Faux Granite Counters
 in our main floor powder room. 
See the smaller frame?
and now
See the beautiful gilded frame?

Okay, so during this time of updating I knew I wanted
to frame out the mirror. 
 Did you know that they have
larger already made up frames at Hobby Lobby?
Well I didn't.
  But I decided to wander back to the framing section
and boy did I get a huge surprise.
 With my measurements in hand I began the process of
seeing which ones met up with what I needed.
Of course this gilded gold frame was my first
choice and ended up being PERFECT! was 50% off,
or just $52!
I snagged that
baby up real quick and brought it home.
And guess what?
Hubs really liked it! Yay
Mounting to me was going to be the challenge.
But, with an engineering hubby we actually decided
NOT to glue this to the existing mirror.

What we did decided to  do was
add a couple of mounting
holders to reinforce the existing mirror to
be able to withstand the added weight of the frame.
In our looking for ways to mount
 the frame we found out that
Command Strip Brand now has an amazing
line of Damage Free Hanging Velcro strips
that can hold up varying weights.
We used ones that hold up 16lbs in 4
strips, bought two packages,
 and used all 8 strips, just to be safe.
(I was NOT compensated to tout this product ;))

I am so thrilled with how well this all came
together! What an additional POP of elegance this
mirror now makes to this tiny room.
Now this has me wondering how to frame
 the other LARGER bathroom mirrors we have.
I think these made need to be done a bit differently.
Stay tuned!
Now, do ya see that ugly
*hollywood* fixture...
well I have an idea running in my
head, we will see how it works out.
Yep...this one is making me smile real big!
Thanks for stopping by!

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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

What a fabulous powder room. I would love for you to link up to Inspire Me that is ongoing now. Hugs, marty

Mari said...

Wow its simply gorgeous, can'twait to see how your light fixture turns out ;)


CatieAn said...

oh my gosh---I love your frame. It really does add elegance to your pretty.