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Thursday, May 8, 2008

LOOK: My Romantic Victorian Living Room Re-arranged

So yesterday, I had a migrane...and didn't really feel up to doing much. Took Excedrin Migrane and hours later I was feeling like my ole self! With all that is running in my mind about re-doing my craft gets the juices going for other rooms that I have neglected. And then, if you are like me...everyroom will get tweaked or change somehow...SPRING CLeaning anyone! Is that what this madness is? LOL

So..I have this very odd shaped living room...that I like to refer to as my PARLOR. It is about 12'x17'...a window with 2 entries and an entrance into our double doored den, that stays closed, for future re-doing!

WELCOME, as you come into my home, to the left is the opening to our Living Room Parlor. I have hung a large shelf, with a purse and birdhouse collection on it.

I have 2 very special areas that I wanted to point out. One is of my Piano, that I spoke of in my tribue to my MOM...cause yep, its the one we had added to our already full truck load when we moved 14 years ago from Federal Way, Washington to Canton, Michigan...a very beloved piece, that works as a main focal point in our room.

Then, I have also focused on a vintage Singer Pump Sewing Machine. Now this was my hubby's grandma Lalones. And..can you believe this? His brother was going to throw is out..NOT ON YOUR I grabbed that baby up real quick with another wonderful Old Vintage Radio/Phonograph. I will feature that another time. Okay all of the items on display belonged to Grandma Lalone: a Gone With the Wind lamp, vintage buttons and sewing goodies that were taken out for display. These odd bits and pieces of needles and old sewing materials were in each of the drawers and I wanted them to have a place of honor. I placed the buttons in a 4 leaf clover glass serving piece that was also his grandmas as well.

I don't know if you can tell, but I did the sofa on angles. This really changes how the room feels. It actually makes it feel more square, not long like a bowling alley. And...I like how it creates a cozy area to visit in.

I did some additional close ups of little vinettes areas I have displayed my pretties!

A few of the goodies I have on my wall.

Do you ever just walk be a room, when you have rearranged eveything and think..WOW I really like it this way...well I just did that! So what do you think? I'd love to hear comments and critiques (please be nice about them)....Lorena


Connie said...

Soooo glad your 'puter is fixed so you can show us those gorgeous pictures!!! I love the one of the kitty on the back of the sofa. LOL Cute, sweetpea. That just looks sooo homey.

Donna Lynn said...

You did a great job, sorry you had a headache though...:(
Boy I have read blogs where a ton of women are having this problem, could it be the pollen maybe?

Hope you are feeling better,
Donna Lynn

Stephanie said...

Oh Lorena, I love how your room looks. I love rooms on an angle! Makes everything look fresh & different. The aqua tray with the pink roses is really doin' it for me!!! Also love how you kept all the contents of the sewing machine nearby as a tribute to its previous owner.

Just love all the sweet vignettes (especially the pink lamby & "our" Southern Belle planter)!

Angelic Accents

Stephanie said...

And oh yeah, I also love the kitty draped nonchalantly over the back of the sofa. Gives a really homey atmosphere!! LOL

Angelic Accents

vickie said...

Good job, Lorena! Love the piano and sewing machine. Very nice, thanks for sharing!