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Monday, May 5, 2008

A Tribute to my Mom!

With Mother's Day drawing closer I thought it might be appropriate to honor my mom. You see, I am the oldest of 4 girls. Yep, I said 4 of us...and I know, *My poor dad*.

So with Mother's Day drawing near, and I can't be with her physcially, so I just wanted to say a few words about my mom. First off, I really miss her, cause she lives on the *Other Coast* as those who live out east call it. Actually they live in Buckley, Washington...right up close to the gorgeous Mt. Rainier (see above picture) which is so majestic! I get to see her maybe 2 times a year...once when our family goes in the summer to visit....and then they try and come out to Michigan in the Fall, when they do a whirlwind tour of the East and South.

Having a daughter of my own, I often wonder how she did it. All those hormones, fits of anger, bickering and fighting that we girls did. I only have one child and feel at times I am barely surviving and yet she seems to have come out the a crown on her head!

I give my mom credit for my love of shopping. She took us many a Saturday morning to the local Flea Markets in the area. We also were ahead of our time, frequenting the thrift stores too! It was always the thrill of the hunt and seeing what the latest treasure we could find would be. And I proudly take that on and shop with pride!

I also give her credit for my love of clothes, shoes, and accessories...that fill my closet and I know hers is filled too. The beauty of looking well put together and having just the right pair of shoes is what matters most you know? lol

I also give her credit for instilling in me a LOVE of music. All Kindsa music! How many Saturdays do I remember the old Phonograph player playing records of popular and not so popular classical music to clean house by. She started me on my journey of playing the piano...and graciously gave up her beloved piano (a gift many years before from my dad) that I learned to play on. With a sweet phone call to come and get it, before my hubby and I moved 2000 miles away. Knowing I may never have another chance to have it if I didn't take it has meant more to me than mere words can say. I even had the privaledge to teach piano for 4 years, just like my mom had done on this same piano, many years before. A tribute to her love of music for sure!

But most of all, I credit my mom with instilling me with a deep faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus. I came to know him at an early age and remember my mom being such an integral part in that. Her love for her Lord was alway evident to me and my sisters. Thank you MOM!

And a great example of her love for me was made evident 9 years ago. You see I was having a hysterectomy and she was flying out to stay a week to help me, while I recovered. Well, my 3 day hospital stay ended up being 10 days and 4 surgeries later nightmare. My mom's one week stay became 1 month! I came home with a bladder bag, tubes in my tummy and the weakest I can ever remember being. I got home and broke down and cried. She came to me and told me that I am here to HELP you, you tell me what you need done and I will do it for you. Being so independent, and having my mom say that to me was the MOST comforting thing I have ever had. I saw such an unselfish love from her and it has stayed with me! She took me back and forth to dr appointments, helped feed me and my hubby, cleaned my home and helped us look for our cat who one day decided to go on an adventure, we will ALL never forget that day!

So it is with great LOVE and deep pride that I share with you about my sweet mom, it any wonder why I have a passion for Roses?


Bertie said...

What a wonderful, sweet testament to your dear mother. You are so fortunate to still have her around. Cherish these times.

And, I must add: You are probably one of the best mothers I have known. Your sweet daughter is a lucky girl.

Aunt May's Cottage

Imaginina said...

Enjoyed reading about your Mom and what she means to you.

vickie said...

Lorena, I love your story. What a wonderful lady. And you, a wonderful mother. Like Bertie says, she is lucky to have a Mom like you.

Connie said...

What a sweet tribute to your mom! I'm sure she would say lovely things about you also. I love the drive over to Washington when we go visit granddaughter. Most gorgeous place on this earth. Your mum must be very proud of you also..........

Secondhandrose said...

Well, I am thankful for your Mom also for giving us a special friend like you. Happy Mothers day to your Mom and to you.


shirl said...

Hi Lorena, what a beautiful words you wrote here about your mother! She has been such a wonderful mother to you and you have been just as wonderful a mother to your daughter! Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother!
Love You!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Lorena, what a wonderful post. Good mothers are a true gift from God. You are following in your mother's footsteps. How lucky your dd is to have you!

Donna Lynn said...

Dearest Lorena,
That was a very moving tribute to your Mom! You are indeed very blessed to have someone like her to call Mother this year!
Bless your heart for having gone through so many surgeries back to back, but what an amazing thing to have someone to comfort and help you through that!
Hope your week is going well and your having great weather on your side of the world!
Bless you,
Donna Lynn

Stephanie said...

Oh, I just wanted to cry when I read this Lorena. I can tell how much you love & miss your mom & how very special she is to you. Thanks for sharing all those special memories. My mom's middle name is Rose, also!! :0)

Angelic Accents