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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Sick Puter...I am bummed! sweet hubby thought he was doing me a favor. He took my laptop to the doctor last week...and I still don't have it back.

You see, it was making horrid noises when we started it up...and we knew the fan was going. We figured $100 was better than replacing it for $1000. But still no word from the doc as to when we will get it back. Humpf!!!! I am writing this because w/o my puter I cannot download my pictures or send items I need printed. I am sure you are wondering then, why or how am I able to write in my blog? In Janurary, we bought a new computer...but we still have not figured out how to get my pictures, who we think are trying to download, to show...and not only that, my sweet hubby says he cannot find software for to our printer that will work on the new puter..its so new, they don't have software to support it...or so he thinks...

Alas....I am in puter limbo...


Connie said...

Don't cry; we've "got your back"!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Good luck with that, computers can be such a pain sometimes! Took a peek at your three kitties, adorable, and just lovely artwork!
Sandra Evertson

Diana Lyn said...

Hello, Fellow Washintonian(sp) I live in Port Orchard and thought I would drop in for a visit, your site and ebay goodies are lovely! I wish God had graced me with such talent, Alas, he had other plans for me! LOL I have lived here for the past four years, we moved from Upstate New York, Our children are Military and Grandbabies started popping out and we lived to far away to be appropiate Grandparents and I wanted to live near them in the early years, so we sold everything and packed up the truck and Headed to Beverly Hills! So here we are! drop by sometime and visit! Diana Lyn

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi! I just found your blog throgh Bobbie. How frustrated you must be feeling without your puter! I hope the dr. fixes 'er right up real soon.
Patricia :o)

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

I feel for you! I once had to go a few weeks without my computer...oh the torture! I do more than blog online, I am an avid chatter and did I ever miss that!

I'm enjoying all the pretty stuff on your blog, especially all the roses and pink items. I'd like to give you two blog awards, and if you'd like to accept them, you can pick them up from my post for today. I think you're very deserving!

Donna Lynn said...

I hate it when the computer won't behave itself and just refuses to do it's job! I am a little slow with computer thing, that is why God made children, my 16 yr. old helps me all the time, he even knows how to put in new computer guts! Cool!
I see Diana Lyn left you a comment, she is my friend! You can see our adventures on eachothers blogs...we get into all sorts of trouble together! :)

Have a good week in spite of the stupid computer! XXOO, Donna Lynn

celestina marie said...

Hi Lorena,
So sorry about your sick puter. I know this story too well. Hope it is fixed soon. Lovely post as always.
Happy Mother's day!
hugs, Celestina
la rea rose