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Monday, May 12, 2008

I am in Garage Sale HEAVEN!!!

I just love when the weather changes here in Michigan...cause out pops all the subdivision/neighborhood Garage Sales. A dime here, and quarter there and you have wonderful treasures to do with what you please. So, I thought you might like to see what I have found in the past few weeks. And then, I did not do a before/after pictures of a wonderful 5 tiered corner shelf I found for only $8, but I do have the creamy heirloom white brand new shelf (well to me anyway), ready for my *New* craft room! Most of my finds will be for my room when it gets done.

Did you see that HUGE Rose that I believe is Capodemonte (SP?)? I snagged that sweetie for .50c...I could not believe it...SO...take a peek in my post of my redecorating my Living Room...cause you will see how I have already incorporated it. I just couldn't was such a great find.

Most all of my other goodies, are going to be transformed, and then added to my Craft room...that I have been busy organizing and getting ready for. Now, I just need to finalize the exact Robin's Egg Blue for that room...found a few samples, but I am still deciding.

Have a blessed day..and thanks for dropping by!


Vintage To Chic said...

Lorene, your roses are beautiful. and isn't it amazing how good it makes us feel to find someone elses junk.

Secondhandrose said...

Lorena, the shelf is great! Love it white even though I didn't see it before!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh I LOVE Capodimonte!!!! I Cannot resist it when I see it. I cant believe you got that for .50!!!! Great finds, I love the shelf!


Imaginina said...

Don't you just hate the thought of all of the good stuff that people are throwing away instead of selling?

Connie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that corner shelf!!!! How fortunate for ya, my sweet chickadee....

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Garage sales are so fun! You got some great things! The rose was a terrific bargain. Can't believe someone let it go so cheap! You'll do something beautiful with it!

Donna Lynn said...

Good evening Dear Lorena!
Hope you had a lovely Monday, I would of emailed you today, but it was one of those days...

So happy you are getting better weather now, we are not yet! It is suppose to turn by the weekend...Sigh!
Loved all your finds, the rose is just divine!!! You knew I would love that huh?
I will check in with you soon!
Donna Lynn

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Hi Lorena! Thanks for the comment on my bedroom. Yeah, sometimes Rate My Space can get vicious and rude. I don't believe in room perfection. I like what feels good and friendly to me. As for the paint color on the walls, I don't know. It was like that when I moved in here, but if I ever figure it out, I'll let you know. I've been thinking about trying to match some paint chips in case I ever need to do touchups. Anyhow, I love it. Depending on the light it looks a soft green or sometimes even teal or aqua. I love that it seems to change.

miss gracies house said...

Great stuff~have fun with the transforming~that's the part I love the most!
Have a great day,

celestina marie said...

Hi Lorena, wow you found some great treasures. I love the rose and that corner shelf will be perfect in your studio! Can't wait to see your redo. Have a great day!
love ya, Celestina, la rea rose

Donna Lynn said...

Hi Lorena!
Hope you are having a wonderful day today! We have 70' and sunny, finally, well you know all about the quirky nature of our WA weather, don't you my dear friend?
Thanks for the visit today, and thank you for the boy compliments, I think they are cute, but what do I know I'm their MOM! ;)

Donna Lynn

Miss Rhea said...

Love that oval frame and the shelf is awesome !! Cant wait to see the finished room. :)

Sharon said...

Lorena those are all great finds but my favorites are the larger gold frame and the porcelain rose. Don't you love a bargain?