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Sunday, May 31, 2009

CELEBRATING 150th POST ~ A GiveAway ~ Some Thoughts promised in my last post, I wanted to celebrate another blog milestone for me. 150...WOW! Little did I know when starting a blog I would have this much to say...well for those of you who know me, I really am never at a lose for words. hehehe!!!

So I am inviting all who visit my BLOG to... JOIN WITH ME in Passing the word around! I DO so enjoy giving away goodies! Compiled for this GiveAway pleasure are a bunch of treasures I have either picked up, created or just for whatever reason thought they might be nice for a giveaway. ... never know what else just might be added to this pile!!!

Here's what you need to do...leave me a note/comment saying you'd like to be entered. Then, if you decide, copy/paste my picture and advertise on your blog for you to be entered AGAIN in my GiveAway. But... be sure to let me know you will advertise so I can add you again. I will keep my GiveAway open until June 7th. Then on June 7th in the afternoon after Church and lunch I will have one of my family members help me choose a lucky winner.

I have shared a little about what has been going on in our lives and lately I have been going through a what I'd call a dry patch. Have you ever been in a time where you know GOD's promises, you read them, you have experienced them in the past but it seems in the "RIGHT now" of life, they are very far away. That's what I have been experiencing this past week. I think I am beginning to understand what BLIND Faith really means. I am really walking by FAITH and NOT by sight right now. It doesn't give any sense of *feelings* or warm fuzzy's, that IS for sure! I don't Know if I should turn to the right or left. And, when I cry out to the Lord, all there seems to be is silence. Nothing.

So how do you make it through a time like this?
Be Still and KNOW that I am GOD....Psalms 46:10

For me it has been trying to stand on promises that GOD has made real to me. And..I do believe when you become still, you will hear.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Psalms 46:1

So as I have been still...though I do NOT know what to do right now, GOD is the GREAT *I AM*, my Jehovah Jirah ~ My provider...GOD is and WILL still be my strength through this time. It gives me HOPE..that when I can't feel or see HIM, I can still have Faith because HE is.

My family has many BIG decisions facing us in the next few weeks. There continues to be no job prospects for my husband as of yet, revealed to us. We continue to seek GOD's very best in this but are becoming weary. My self sure wants to get in there and fix it..but I kNOW that's not what I am suppose to do. So, In HIM I seek my rest, HIS perfect rest until HE chooses to reveal His Will in all matters to us.

I like to share from my heart and life because I KNOW I am not alone. Many are out there who feel as if no one knows what its like to be going through...whatever you are experiencing. I don't have the answers, but I do KNOW who does. I hope that as you read my deepest thoughts and struggles, you will know that I can emphathize with you. As I continue to walk in my Faith, my overall expectation is that GOD be glorified first, and then HIS perfect will be revealed and worked out in us. He didn't say this life would be easy, he said he'd be with us, walking right by our side...and I DO believe this with my whole heart.

Only In HIS Strength...Lorena


Anonymous said...

You are in my Prayers...
Be still & God will put his arms around your shoulders to comfort you.

TattingChic said...

I've gone through that before! I go through times where I can actually "feel" God's presence near and other times...not so much! I may be living just a good a life at either time. I agree that is when we have to walk by faith!
God bless! :)

Melinda said...

Hi there. Congrats on the 150th post!
I understand where you are right now and am in a similar place myself. I will remember you in my prayers!
Please enter me into the giveaway!
I will be posting about it in my blog and will drop back to let you know!

Melinda said...

Hello again...I just dropped in to let you know that I have posted about your great giveaway!
Hope I win he he!

Feedsack Fantasy said...

Shhhhhhh, He is right there beside you, can't you feel Him?

Pop over & read my post today ...

TTFN ~ Marydon

Rebecca said...

Hey sweet girl! You are SOOOOO GENEROUS!

Enter me. And...pick me if you can. I never win!

xo:) Rebecca


Hello dear friend :)
Your faith is getting stronger during this time!!That is something wonderful. The hard part is waiting...or maybe it's time to go forward until He closes a door:)
Happy 150th Post !!! I'm almost at 180...and of COURSE I would LOVE to win your giveaway!!
Deb :)

Jennifer said...

Lorena I am so sorry all your still going through.I always try to remember when god closes one door he opens a window.He has always come through for me one way or another.Your cupcakes are just so pretty.Love them.Hope those kitties are doing well.Joe had grad sat night Marc and Mike have 1 week left.Ready for summmer.LOL Hugs my friend.Love you!Jen

Holly said...

Hi, Rose Chic, I'm Holly! ♥ Please enter me in your sweet giv e away!

I've been by here before and introduced myself but you might not remember... I was born in Seattle but grew up in Enumclaw. I've also lived in Michigan and many other places!

I have found from time to time that the Lord likes to be quiet. He's also been known to speak to me in ways I don't recognize at first. He's such a good Father but just like my relationship with my parents or children has changed through the years, so has my relationship with my God.

*You're in His hands, sweetie!

Connie said...

Well, you can count me in, chick, cuz I already know how gorgeous your "stuff" is!!

Bertie said...

Ohh goodie! A give away!! Sign me up.

There is a song that I've sung called, "Be Still". It is most beautiful and done in a very hushed style. If I can find a recording, I'll send it to you.

Be Blessed,

Aunt May's Cottage

Katie said...

Hang in there friend.

Michele said...

Hi Lorena ~ Congrats on 150 posts!

Be patient and God will be there to help you through the rough times.

I'd love to win your giveaway...very generous!


vickie said...

Congrats Miss Lorena, please enter me! My prayers to you and your family every day. Thanks for sharing.

Princess Of Pink said...

In my prayers :)And yes He is always there, even if WE don't feel Him. I am at that myself right now, but know deep down He is always here for me and for you too.

Please enter me in your wonderful give away and congrats on the 150th post. My bd is on the 13th ;)!!

Hugs from marian♥

~~Deby said...

Congrats on your 150th...and I will pray that the Lord will direct your paths..
this may be the first time I am here, but I will be back..I can tell that you have a heart for the Lord...
When I have a bit of time I will come back and browse your blog and get to know you better.
yesipray at gmail dot com

miss gracies house said...

Just a pop-in visit...only by His grace. This journey. I have this vintage postcard that shows a women clinging to the cross during a storm and while I love it I also laugh at it. As if, WE, could hang on at all during the storm. Our own strength would surely fail us. HE, alone, keeps us anchored to the cross...don't know why I thought of that...just your post, I guess. Faith.
PS I'd love to be entered in your give-away!