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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OUR Sweet Kitty Babies!!!

Today was one of those days that our kitties had some amazing poses that I just had to pull out my camera to show the world! We have 3 very different, but sweet kitties that are just the loves of our family.
This is my *Bubby*, Punkin...yes he is HUGE all 19+ pounds of him. He is just the biggest sweet dumb *oaf* cat ever, and tries to be a lap kitty too!!!! He looks so snuggly sound asleep and I just thought he was so darling hugging the back of my sofa...I took a close up but then and far away shot so you could see what I am talking about!

Then there's my sweet *Momma* kitty, Chloe. Oh she is the LOVE of this mommy's life. Just talk to her and she purrrrrs up a storm. I call her my little momma, cause I got to be with her when she had her only liter, of which Punkin was her first born. I got to be with her to help her and saw him being born. We have a very unique mommies! lol This picture is of her sticking her head through the rungs of the 2nd floor landing...Sound asleep too!
And then there's our Tiger, the famly protector. He's our rescue kitty that has just blossomed in our family through the year's he's been with us. He LOVE's being out in the patio area, but will often try to wander off. We live in an area where cat's are to be indoor we do keep a good eye on him. This bird bath, a present from my hubby for mother's day, when dry, is often a fun perch for TIGER. These are the cutest shots...and I think he is one of the prettiest cats ever! And, being his MOM I can say that...hehe!

With lottsa kitty loves and hugs.....Lorena


Connie said...

They do look happy and content, honey! I think they're glad that spring is here......LOL

Sandra said...

Pretty kitties! The last one is just darling! I think that would be my favorite one.
Happy Tuesday.

TattingChic said...

Your fur-babies are absolutely adorable! OMGosh! That photo of the kitty cat on the birdbath is hilarious! It's like he's saying "here, birdie, birdie, birdie!"

You should totally upload that onto LOL cats at "I can has cheezburger?"

Now, what would make a great caption for it??? Here's the link so you can see what I mean if you don't know about it already! That picture would be PURRRRfect!

Allidink said...

Aw I love your kitties! Kitties are the best! I used to have a Pumpkin, big orange and fluffy LOL. All those pictures are so cute :) Seeing everyone's animals just makes me smile!

All the best,

KatCollects said...

Sweet pictures, I love them all. Lucky kittens : )

Bertie said...

What a sweet post!! I love those candid shots of a cat's life, don't you? Yours are all beautiful and not at all spoiled. LOL

Aunt May's Cottage

vickie said...

So cute, Lorena. The one in the bird bath should be in a "cat" magazine, Thanks for sharing.

Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

Oh Lorena! This is one of my FAVE posts don't ya know! I just love your kitties and they certainly are beautiful. I can tell how "EXCITED" they were to get their pix taken!

Anonymous said...

I just Love Kitties. Our "Boyz" are our babies. Your big orange boy looks like our orange guy!
Give them a kiss for me...


I love the photo of the one in the bird bath!! :)


Pearl said...

Ohhhh aren't your Kitties just Adorable?!?! They just look so very happy to be a part of your family... We have so many different kinds of fur-babies in our home and hearts... Love 'em all to pieces!! These were terrific photos, and I really enjoyed your tribute to Mom's, too... Hope the upcoming weekend is wonderful for you...

~hugs 'n prayers~

~humming the Slinky song on my way out~ ... tee~heeeee!

Jennifer said...

Lorena Your kittys are so beautiful.They sure are huge.I love the birdbath pic the most thats just the cutest!Hugs,Jen

Marydon said...

Cats are such wonderful critters. They have fascinating personalities, I can watch them all day long.

Tatting Chic is right ... just waiting for that thirsty birdy. Chuckle!

TTFN ~ Marydon

Melinda said...

Hi Lorena...your cats are beautiful..I too am a cat lover with 2 of my own, one of which recently had a litter of 4, all gone to new homes now, except 1 who seems to be a little "slow" so, of course, I am FORCED to keep him!! (Shhhhh...don't tell anyone that I love it!)

Seeya again soon!

Katie said...

What wonderful characters they are! Love the sleeping pictures especially!

Rebecca said...

I'm truly smiling from ear to ear! I don't have kitties anymore, but I did have two when I was little. I still remember them with such joy and love...

I'm thinkin' I might need to get one now!

Love you friend...

Rebecca PS: Still have your box to mail...don't give up on me!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

These are all just purr-fectly adorable pics!! I thought the one of Chloe with her head hung between the bannisters was my fav, til I spotted Tiger in the birdbath.....

Angelic Accents