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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm a Loving my Kitties!

Hey Kitty Lovers!

I know so many are like me and adore our
furry friends we have.
I am always clicking my camera  when I think something
is cute or just because.
Can  share some current pix of
our Female Calico, Chloe and
adorable Long Hair Tiger with you?

This is our Chloe!  She my lovey dovey kitty!
The life of Leisure! Wish I was a cat!
Do your cats love anything weird that's on the ground to
lay on? Chloe will sit on anything...papers tho, is
her fav!
This is TIGER...our rather handsome guy!
I just adore this picture'd think it would
be uncomfortable, but our cats will sleep this
way off and on...or sit behind one of us as
we use our computer..cause that's our puter chair!

I also couldn't resist adding a couple of
vintage images for you to copy/paste!

Have a PURRRRFECT Day everyone!


A Hopeful Heart said...

We're the same way with photos of our little puppy, Ginger. She's such a cutie and is always doing such goofy things that we have to snap a picture.

Your kitties certainly are cuties...and that is coming from a gal that is absolutely NOT a cat person. I am HORRIBLY allergic, to the point that I cannot go to homes where they have a cat (unless we sit outside), but even so, I think your Chloe and Tiger are adorable. The photo on the back of the chair is priceless.

Have a great day,

Rebecca said...

That kitty of yours on top of that CHAIR made me GASP! DO they really hop on top of things and just lay there like that?


Adorable my friend.



Lore♥ said...

Hola Lorena!!
adorables tus kitties!!
unos amorosos
y dulces gatitos
se ven que estan muy comodos
que tengas un hermoso dia

sissie said...

I am forever snapping pics of Gizzie and Gabby, my funny kitties.

I love the photos of your kitty babies, so funny and sweet.



It's fun to see other animals sleeping in "different" positions.
I'm sure happy that God made pets for us to enjoy!
Have a great weekend!
deb :)

Seaside Rose Creations said...

We have a sweet rescue cat...Riley (you can see various pics of him on my blog :)

We LOVE kitties. They are so entertaining. I love finding the spots he will sleep in and actually look and BE comfy.

Our cat loves sitting in boxes or the cardboard box bottoms of cases of water bottles.


CailinMarie said...

love your kitty post. Tiger cracks me up.


Tiger is just too cute! We are MAJOR cat people here.... is there any other kind of person to be? Cute pics and beautiful kitties! -April

Anonymous said...

Our cat, Ursula, liked lying on a silk flower bouquet I had temporarily laying on the office floor (til I got around to placing them outside). I got a pic of her doing it and put the picture on my right sidebar. Too funny :p