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Monday, March 15, 2010

I LOVE my Kitties!

Morning Bloggy Friends!

Since my sweet Kitty Punkin
passed in Feb,
I have made sure to love on our
remaining 2 luvies!

So I am sharing what I think
are some adorable poses!
I love how Chloe has her head resting on her paw! AWE!
Tiger for some reason LOVEs to sit on my Crafting Room Chair
when I am away.
We don't very often see these two in such close
proximity.  So I couldn't resist snapping this one.
I think TIGER has the most Beautious face!
Chloe loves to sit and hide under this small table I use for
my study books.  She also has a thing for PEACOCK

So go love your sweeties today!


Anonymous said...

What sweet babies!! I know how much you miss your kitty & it will be easier to deal with as time passes but it will always be a diffucult thing to understand why a little being we love so much has to leave us. My Duke has been gone since 2001 & I still think I feel him on my bed at night...... They are in our hearts & will always be there.

Lisa said...

Your bavies are beautiful!! I know you love them. I am a sucker for pet pics!! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said... cute! I grew up surrounded by cats galore..and I loved them all to pieces! but now, I'm allergic to them, i just don't get why that is? but it is~! so picutres is how I get my fill of the furry critters! thanks for sharing!


Connie said...

I KNOW you do and they love you also, honey! ;-)

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Oh, Lorena, your kitties are so cute! So happy you stopped by my blog. I would love to have you participate in my Tea Time. All you need to do is feature a favourite piece of china, a teacup or teapot, and if you would like to, you can share a scripture verse or a short story. Some only share a piece of their china. If you're not feeling well due to your migraine {I used to have those and I know how ill they can make you feel}, you can pass on the scripture or story this week and just share a teacup if you like. If you plan to participate, I can add your link. Some are late getting their post up and I add their link anyway because they asked me to. Hope this helps and I sure hope you feel better soon. I will pray for you.


Jennifer said...

Hi Lorena, I love the pics of your darling kitties.They are just so sweet.Your pastel easter goodies are wonderful.I haven't been crafting much.I was super sick and just now feeling better.Been raining here but had a few warm days,which was really nice.I dread the heat of summer comming.It will be nice to see all the mud go away though.Miss chatting with you!Hugs,Jen

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Sweet Lorena! You have the most beautiful kitties EVER!! I never tire of seeing pics of them!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents