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Friday, July 16, 2010

My Friends Cottage Apartment ~ Part 2 ~

Hi friends!

So I promised more pictures of my friends apartment
that she has turned into the sweetest Cottage.

I visited her again this week and had such a dear time.
I painted some things she wanted  to change and helped
her hang items too.  We just had so much fun!!!
She is like a mom to me as my sweet momma is
2000 miles away. I am so blessed!

I'll start our tour off in Mary's bedroom.
She has painted her walls a very soft sagey green with
a creamy wash over it.  I am just loving
her vintage pieces of furniture she has in her room.
Isn't this a GORGEOUS Armour?
This is a vinette she has hanging over her bed.
Now, I didn't get a picture of her bed because
she is using a hospital bed because of recent surgery she had on
her back due fractures she has encountered.
But is does have a wonderful quilt that matches

Moving on....her tiny Kitchen,
full of charm!
Her tiny kitchen is no more than 10x10.
I now realized I should have taken pictures
of her wall of cabinets. She had
another artest many years ago paint
them in soft time, I promise!
Mary had a friend white wash wallpaper and then
striped over really is a nice affect.
She has this sideboard just full of goodies!
Even her walls are filled with treasures!
The cross stitch was done by Mary...but I especially
love how she uses lacy doilies to soften the look.
No place in this tiny apartment has gone w/o
Mary's touch!
Are you still with me?

Okay, here we will stop our tour in her tiny batheroom for today. 
 I took pictures of sweet vinettes that charm this room...
but dontcha just love its PINK tile?

You can barely see it, but she has skirted her
pink sink and added vintage goodies
all around her in this sweet room.

Again, the valance above her shower area
didn't miss Mary's touch!

Now, I wanted to show you our
BEFORE/AFTER that I did for Mary.

This is a LARGE shelf Mary has as you enter through her front
door to the left.  It looks to be a piece that someone took
old ceiling tiles and corbles and created a unique
wall shelf.
I added creamy Heiroom White to the entire shelf.  And then
Mary wanted me to *highlight* the swag of bows in a
sage green.  It Really POPs now!
When I went back on Wednesday, I added more
green to the scrolly iron piece in the background.
 Mary then let me help her put her treasures  back
on the shelf.
Do you see the *M* initial?
Well, I took that home and did my *thang* to it.
She just LOVED it!

Okay....Please don't miss the final Part 3
of my visit with my friend!
I have many more pictures to share with you!



Connie said...

Lorena!!!! You did a gorgeous job on the little mantel piece, honey. Ooooh, your friend should be so happy and lucky to have you for a friend.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

OMG what a great place! Nothing there says apartment! If your friend ever gets sick of that white frilly coffee table, I will take it off her hands!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my! I love Mary's home!! Everything is wonderful - what a gift she has. Love that pink bathroom, too!