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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sharing and Catching You Up!

Hello my Sweet Bloggy Friends!

I have been MIA for the past few days...
but with good reasons.

First off, the re-do, spricing up, spring cleaning bug hit!
Yep, I couldn't stand it any longer.
Our family room, the room we LIVE in
desperately needed my attention.
So I made up my mind that it would get
cleaned spruced up this week.  I did take pictures
for those of you who are like me,
and LOVE to peek into other bloggers
home and get great decorating ideas.

Now, I know you see loads of pinks and shabby
cottage goodies all over my blog...but I live
in the REAL world with a hubby who needs a
lil' break from all that shabby foofoo stuff.

When we re-did this room about 8 years ago we I
had a vision.  Now trying to relate this vision to my hubs,
an engineer, with little imagination was quite a feat!
Think Vintage, Grammy's home with a rosey twist...
that's what I had in mind.  I wanted to balance
masculine with a touch of Vintage English Cottage,
lace and florals...but still keep my man happy.

I think I have maintained a good balance.  And
made him and me happy.

I have given you various shots of this room.  It is quite a large
room but with 3 openings and a large wall of windows and
then put in a fireplace...well to say the least
I have to get creative in furniture placement.
This room now reflects a place for everyone to sit and view,
comfortably our BIG ole Black box TV.
I spruced up the mantle and fireplace area.

The corner by our fireplace.  This vintage radio
belonged to hubby's grams/gramps.  A treasured
This carmelly colored chair/ottoman is MINE!!!
There's a story behind it..but I'll save it for another time.
You didn't think I'd just let that BIG ole black TV sit in this
room without any froofroo did ya.  I let hubs get this
monstrosity with the agreement that I'd get a
surround so I could display my pretties! And
try to balance out that ugly thing!
The next few pix are just of a few vinettes
all around this room.
Oh I so LOVE vinettes!

Okay, in the midst of my became
VERY apprent I needed to clean dust my display
case hubs got me for an anniversary several years ago.
It looks so good now, I thought it deserved
being showcased.
It houses many special pieces, like...
my Silver Tea/Coffee Service hubs got me
for our 5th Anniversary! Pretty huh?
If you follow me, you know I have a love of blue and white too...
well here's some of my goodies that my sweet
momma brought with her about 10 years ago in a box
all the way from her home in the Seattle area.
I also love all shapes and sizes of Teapots!
More silver pieces...sorry about these next 2 pixs, having
the mirrored background makes taking pixs very hard!
Can you see that I have been busy cleaning?

Also, I have been able to sit up in my Studio and do a lilttle
crafting and painting...wanna see a few things?

This purple/lavender tray is for sale in my etsy store!
A couple of trays I am working on for a client...2 more 2 go!
I decorated this *M* for a sweet friend!
Then I am making ooooooodles of roses....

did I say, ooooodles?

And...lastly, hubbys puter crashed and died last week...
so guess what?
I have to share my laptop with him!

My time on here is limited...and sharing is no fun!

Thanks for stopping by,
hope you enjoy visiting me and seeing where
I live and veg!


Connie said...

Lovely, sweetpea!!!!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Good Morning Sweet Lorena,
I love when the spruce bug hits. We can get so much accomplished. LOL!! I feel the bug coming on for me too.

I love your Family room and all your pretties. You sure did achieve a wonderful balance using all your vintage treasures. It is such an inviting and comfy place to relax.
Your talents for display are awesome!!
You TV area looks wonderful too. I know what you mean about these. We have doors in front of the set to close it off when (I) we don't want to see it. LOL!! You can imagine it stays open a lot!! Sports right?

Love your new pretties from the studio. You have really been a busy girl.

Hope you are enjoying the Summer.
Have a great weekend.
Prayers continue.
Love ya, Celestina Marie

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Lorena,
It's just as well you were not blogging the past few days because Blogger has been having so many temper tantrums! I had been working on my post for Tea Time next week and it lost some pictures on me. The comment thingy has been tormenting us as well.

You have a wonderful family room and everything is looking very pretty and yes, well balanced.
Our big TV is downstairs in the family room where no one sees it except us. So I get to keep our small but main living room area unclutterd from the big black box!

Your trays and roses are lovely and I hope you're taking time out for yourself to enjoy the summer too.


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Just love the perfect mix of masculine and feminine in your room!! It is lovely!!
And those trays that you made are to die for!!



Hello Sweet Friend :0
I loved seeing your living room! I love your carpet and beige chair. It looks perfect to curl up in and read and nap in!
Of course your trays are beautiful!
deb :)


Hello sweet Friend :)
Loved seeing your livingroom and your decor! Your carpet is cool and your beige chair looks perfect to curl up in and read a book or nap!
Love the trays you are painting and all your pretty roses.
deb :)

~~Deby said...

Oh these were fun pictures to see. I like how you incorporated the different styles of furniture and colors and still have achieved that cottage look that we all love. Cottage is NOT white, is not is what you like to make thinks look cozy and of course know someone told me once the only place that wood and furniture should MATCH is in a Doctor's office waiting room..the rest should be what we love and of course with our spouses'preference in mind. No matchy matchy for me...we too have a large t.v and I need something built around it...hmmm got my brain thinking..
you have great look going on here, says cottage to me and looks very welcoming.