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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A LOVE Affair with Tole Art

Hi Sweet Bloggy Friends!

In past posts I have shared with you my many collections.
Today I wanted to show some of my favorite
things that I collect...tole art
also know as toleware.

Now, my Love Affair began about 12 years ago.  As
someone who was learning how to paint roses, I became
enthralled in the hand painted art of others.   I can SOOOOOO
appreciate the time and skill that those who have
painted these lovelies have put into each one.

This tray was a STEAL for $10 at on of my FAV places
in Ann Arbor, MI called Treasure Mart!  It happily
resides in my Victorian Parlor Styled Living Room.

Being and avid shopper and treasure hunter has helped me
amass the many unique shapes and sizes of trays 
that I have for a fraction of what you may find them for
in antique stores.

You can see that I have found some wonderful different
sizes.  Most all of these were thrift store finds for
probably $1-2!!!

This top rectangular shapes one is my latest find!  I
am thinking that his is probably a newer version
of tole.
This tray looks to be a souvenir tray from Mt. Vernon, VA.
This is NOT a mass produced tray and is all hand painted.

This tray is very unique and if you look closely you can see that
it has a hole in the middle.  Well, when I found this tray
in a small shop in Washington state it came with a
metal holder which gave the tray
 the function of a serving or tidbit tray.
These next few pictures are of *reproduced* tole ware
that have been placed on metal tins or trays but
are not actually hand painted.   But I just had to have
them because of their floral and rose content!

Below are 2 very large reproduced trays that I just adore!
These are so large that I believe they may have been
intended to use as lap trays.  
The one on the right actually has
mental legs that pull down so that you could be served
in bed! Cool huh!
Then I am taking you into my laundry room where I have
hung some reproduces trays as well as some
smaller newer hand painted tole trays.

As you can see, these have flowers that are much brighter
in color from the ones I have displayed in my Living room.

So a few years back when we painted out laundry room I choose
to used these trays and well as a few well placed roosters in
here to go with the GORGEOUS Red Floral fabric I use
on my windows and around our deep tub/sink.
I just LOVE these colors on each tray!

A little about tole...

I do know that artist many years ago did not have the types
of art supplies readily available to paint on as we have today.  
Metal trays were what they used to express themselves
and became pieces of art in themselves.
Tole is just another word for Metalware and
many of these pieces became useful in homes.

Next you browse ebay, etsy or other sights that
sell these beauties, you will be amazed at the
details and how beautiful these trays can be.
I know that what I have shared are are much
simpler than many you will see.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit!


Anonymous said...

I have always admired these vintage trays bacause the art on them is beautiful. You have a lovely collection!
Have a Wonderful Day!

Connie said...

I can just picture them in your home, sweetpea! They are gorgeous and if I had one I'd give it to you to hang on your walls.

Rebecca said...

SWOON! I can just see your home in my roses and romance everywhere!


Mari said...




Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

HI Lorena, I love your blog. I see we are both in several of the same saturday, ecs, and a collection of romantic blogs. Ha! We must have the same taste for pretty things.


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