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Friday, October 29, 2010

More Kitty Love Pictures!

Hi Sweet Friends!

I am so glad that GOD gave us our furry friends!
Aren't you?  My 2 kitties bring me so much
love, companionship and smiles throughout my
day.  They can entertain me and follow me around
just for love.  Does this girls heart some good
to take time and just love them and let them love me!

So I have been snapping away and thought I'd
share some more CUTE pix of them.

Okay...this is Chloe!  She will follow me upstairs at times just for
attention.  On this particular day, in my bath area she decided
to get right in the middle of where I *Stage* my pictures
for my ebay and etsy listings!
You'd think she OWNS the place, huh, LOL!
Of course, now Momma has HAIR all over her pretty area
and it all has to be cleaned!
Here's my BOY cat Tiger...he just has the prettiest CAT features...and poses too!
See that Peacock feather? well they both LOVE to chase it all over.

Alright, I am done playing! Someone please pet me!!!
Awwwww....nap time!

Last night, when my daughter and I were getting ready to sit and
watch some movies and recorded shows, I came into our family
room and Chloe and Tiger BOTH were camped on the leather sofa.
Now, in our home this RARELY happens, so I could NOT
resist snapping a few daughter decided to sit
in the middle, lol.

Oh my daughter is gonna be sooooo mad at me for putting
this in here, but I just could not resist!

Well, there you have it...move pictures of my
precious loves! Thanks so much for visiting!



Lee Laurie said...

Your cats are so pretty. I want a cat! Maybe I can get one soon.

sissie said...

Ahhhh....your kitties are so pretty and sweet. Drop by my blog today and meet Gizzy. She's hosting my Pink Saturday Post.


Olivia said...

Hello my sweet friend! I am so happy you got your package! I soooo wanted the notecards to have roses on them but I thought you would at least be able to use them and I thought of you instantly! Your gift to me was so sweet! Thank you again.
ps God's timing is always perfect!

Roselle said...

I love our furry friends. You kitties are adorable. We have a sweet boy kittie and he keeps us entertained and loved all day long too.
Thanks for sharing!

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...


Cute kitties and very cute daughter!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


WW said...

Very cute cats.