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Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello blogging friends!
Did you begin to wonder where I had gone?

Now that my hubby is working during the week
and not home until the weekend, I have been
taking advantage of the time he's away.

Been busy again this past week in my studio and
cleaning my home!  I have also been doing a lot of instrospection.
Wondering, at this season of my life "What's Next".
With my daughter in college and pretty much
independant of me and I have had a couple
of years where life just was NOT normal I began
to ask the Lord...where am I in all of this?

Well...he answers in such amazing ways.  I have been
taking advantage of EBAY's free listings they have
been offering during October.  And the Lord, as he always does,
confirmed to me that I should keep on creating! 
dear gal stopped by my auctions and love my roses.
As she and I visited back and forth via emails, she
shared she's been having a hard time with the lose of her parents
earlier this year.  She told me my roses were such
and inspiration and were helping her through this
difficult time. 
I had an epiphany or confirmation right then and there that
was my answer...keep doing what you LOVE
because you never know whose life you will touch!
Amazing life lesson, huh?

So, I have created some neat goodies and got them listed last
night..I am so excited to see what others think cause
I just LOVE these doves ornies I created.
I added my pink roses all over them and loaded them
with sugared glitter.  They are able to hang from a
tree limb or just sit beautiful as they are!

Their tails are full of ribbons, lace and pearl beads!
I also decided to make on of my ROSE Cluster Ornies for those
who LOVE lavendar.  I know so many out there do and I
didn't want to forget them!
I also got another Glass Ornies all prettied up
with pink roses, lace and even a swarovski crystal too!
Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my
LOVE of creating with you. 

I wish all a blessed MONDAY and a great week!



Morning Lorean,
That is so cool that you have found your calling and it's what you love and it's a blessing to others!
LOVE the doves!!!
deb :)

Olivia said...

Good morning sweet friend! I was just thinking about you yesterday wondering why I have not seen you and now I know! Your treasures are just delightful! Yes, Please do not stop creating you are so talented and your heart is full of lovliness as well! Thank you for sharing!

Sue said...

Lorena, the dove ornaments are just beautiful!

Miss Rhea said...

Those are Super sweet !! I am glad things are settling down :) It must feel great to BREATHE again :) Mom has her PET scan tomorrow, please keep her in your prayers that her cancer is gone and didn't spread. Give M and G a hug from us here in the desert :) Hugs :) :)