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Monday, February 7, 2011

SNOW in SE Michigan

Hey Friends!
Well, look what has happenedd to us in less than a week.
We probably had 8-10 inches in the BIG storm that
hit us last Tuesday/Wednesday...but then
Saturday we got a SURPRISE...
another 5-6 inches more.
Now that is ontop of the 4-5 inches we had
gathered slowly since the 1st of January.

I'm thinking its the MOST snow we have had in
recent years...and guess what? we are still get
snowflakes...I don't think they are accumulating
like what we had on Wednesday tho. Just
flurries...Oh where art thou Oh SPRING?

Do ya see the mailboxes?...that's where all the
road snow gets moved too...

I can't get over how covered our plants are in snow...
can barely see them.

So...I guess PURE White snow
 is better to look at than the dry, brown
dormant grass, huh? lol

REMEMBER. I live in Michigan and they do know
how to drive and deal with snow removal.  Usually
within 24 hours we are good to go! I AM
thanksful for that.

So I am off to run a few errands!
Enjoy the Snowy Pixs!!!


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