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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tweaking Cabinets, Hutches and Shelves ~ Part 1 Rose Chintz by Johnson Bros.

I have a confession to make...
I LOVE dishes!
Yep, it is very evident when you walk into
any room in my home that I like dishes.

I also LOVE to use these dishes on my walls,
in displays and vignettes and of course
filling up the cabinets, shelves and hutches
all around my home.

A few years ago I took a blah so called
Bulters Pantry area our builder just added lower base
cabinets too with a mirror behind (really?)
 but no upper cabinets or shelves.
Well I got creative and I share with you
how I created what you now see.

As I was doing my fall decor and cleaning,
as I go (do any of you do this?) that got my
mind whirling.

I decided to bring ALL my gorgeous
collection of Rose Chintz by Johnson Brothers
into this area where I could see it on a daily
basis now.  I had some of it in my dining room hutch
but I really wanted to *SEE* these
dishes, so I began the process of
moving these, rearranging this cabinet
and of course my hutch (Part 2).

Many years ago, my mom was handed this box of
an almost complete set of these dishes! for free!
About 5 or 6 years ago, she decided she wanted
to keep 4 each of a place setting.
She then gave me what was left, knowing I could
scour shops and on-line places to fill in a set for me.

And that is exactly what I have done. I continue
to work on completing this into a 8-10 place setting.
I am getting closer...

Being a LOVER of all things roses and having red
as one of my favorite POP colors this has fast become
my most favorite set of dishes that I own.

I have added a few other pieces that are in the chintz
family to fill in. And now am so happy with
my stylish display.

The cups inside pretties has to be one of my favorite
things about this set.  Next to that are the square
luncheon plates.

But then again, I do love this entire set, shape
and everything about it!

I hope this has inspired to you get those beloved
collections of dishes and family heirlooms
out for you to see and display!

Be Blessed,

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Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Looks wonderful!! What beautiful dishes!!


Mari said...

Omg! I love your collection of beautiful dishes, I love the roses, it looks amazing you have really out done yourself ;)