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Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm On a Mission...Lookie what I found!!!

Aren't these just the neatest? Today I went thrifting to a couple of new places with my dear friends Susie. And oh the finds. I found all of these jars and paid under $10 for ALL of them! I got a steal I think. I am going to fill these with my ribbon roses and other crafting goodies that will then be eye candy for my *new* craft room.

OOPS...that cat is out of the bag...well I decided this past week that I was tired of being sick and tired and that I need something to pre-occupy my mind. So for me that means a decorating project. This one though, hits close to my decorating, creating and crafting craft/sewing/art room. I have spent a lot of the past few days looking on line at other creative crafters who have organized and their rooms. (Do a google search on craft rooms, flickr has a number of gals who have pictures!) For me this is going to be a HUGE, Yes I said, HUGE understaking. I will be moving my now painting and craft studio that is in my basement up to the room I have my sewing treasures in. Because you see, this room has a window and natural light that I think I need, especially during Michigans long, dark winters!

The planning and organizing have been the hardest for me. I think it is because I want this not only to be functional but to Look pleasing so that I will want to spend time in my room. Cause right now I have just not been motivated to go *Down* to my basement and work. Maybe and newly painted robins egg blue walls corrdinating creamy white bookshelves, desk, tables will call my name on a more daily routine basis. A lot of work...and eyelash batting and my dear sweet hubby who I am working on roping into painting and helping me move furniture to the room.

I will post pictures of how my rooms look now...please look through the clutter and see my new room...that will take me a while...but I will proudly post pictures when I am done!

This is my Sewing room now that everything will be moved into...minus the bed which will be going downstairs.

My current art/painting studio in the basement (dungeon)!


Connie said...

I like the layout in the basement, honey! I think you could use some of that stuff upstairs. You could paint what you wanted to paint a white. No sense in tossing out perfectly good storage, tables, things like that. Just paint it. It'll look great when you are through. I have no doubt about that.

Donna Lynn said...

Dear Lorena,
I just got done doing my sewing/craft room, I have pictures of it on my blog if you look back...It turned out really pretty!Make sure you post all your after pictures for all of us! Love before and afters, such fun...
Have a great weekend, Donna Lynn

Katie said...

Lorena I just know you are going to work your magic and create the most beautiful and functional space. I think too the light will be very uplifting in that room. It plays such a big role in how we feel!

Secondhandrose said...

Lorena, you did get a steal! Robins egg blue will be so pretty. That is what I am trying to use now in my dining room . I know you will make it spectacular.

vickie said...

You got some great finds, those jars will be beautiful with all your craft items in them. Good luck in creating your new space!

Stephanie said...

You lucky girl ~ yes, you got some great bargains! Can't wait to see them all filled up with more of your great eye candy! AND I spy a wonderful Rooster, too! Hmmm, he'd look good in MY kitchen.

I have some pics I'll post in the chats tomorrow that I found for you!

Love ya,
Angelic Accents