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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SPRING IS HERE! And I am Creating/Decorating

Wow, I didn't realize how much time had gone by since I last posted. But you could officially say the spring has arrived in Michigan. The grass is green, buds are on the trees and my tulips, hyacinths and grape hyacinths are coming up...My dear hubby and I spend an hour Saturday cleaning up our beds from leaves...and how exciting to see all the new growth coming through. If you do not live in colder climate you probably won't understand the excitment that this brings to us Northerners! I am going to go take a picture of my hyacinths...I just love them and the fragrance they emit!

Our temps FINALLY have been in the 70's all week and I am just loving it. We were told this was the 4th COLDEST/Snowiest Winter on records!!!! I can believe that! And with that comes soccer season. My daughter is playing on her Varsity Soccer team, and that means time outside. Their first few games left us anything but 40 degress with 30-40 mph winds, and/or rain...UGH, NOT, my favorite way to be outdoors. I actually had to come home and jump into my bed with my heating blanket full on, just to get warmed up! But the past few games have just been glorious...but alas I do ramble!

So, as an artist, I have not been as motivated redesign and paint. Things on ebay have just been slow, thus not a lot of gumption from me, or time, to do what is my passion...paint roses! I did get a few things done a week ago...I will show you what I have done...AND....these are for sale if anyone is interested.

Sorry, this sweet little oval tray did sell at my eBay auction last week.

FYI, I love the Tuscan/Country French Colors and did this Platter in those hues.

Well, I hope I wish you all a HAPPY SPRING!


Connie said...

Yep, I'm loving it also!!! That little rose painting is lovely. But you know how I feel about your roses. ;-)

Miss Rhea said...

Love the painting in the white frame, and the tray. :) Beautiful !! Glad you are finally getting some Spring weather !! :)

Donna Lynn said...

So happy for you that you are having warmer weather, we still aren't, it was only 46' today and rainy! The garden is still pushing along, daylilies are up and looking like they want to bloom, roses are finally not just twigs!It was so funny to read about you jumping in your bed and turning on your heating blanket...I have a heated mattress pad on mine! I adore it, don't know how I lived without one all these years, I am cold all the time and really want to move somewhere warm when Don retires! We lived in Hawaii for off and on for over 7 yrs. and I loved the tropical heat, not the cockroaches though!
Thank you so much for visiting me today, I have you on my favorites so we can continue to get to know eachother, I love having the favs, it makes it so easy to check everyones blogs! Hey, wondering if you checked out the Country Sampler this month? It has my house in it, I plan on blogging on it next time, I keep forgetting...
Big Hugs to you,
Donna Lynn

celestina marie said...

Hi Lorena, so glad you are seeing spring and warmer days. Your new items are lovely as always. Have a great soccer season with your daughter.
hugs, Celestina,
La Rea Rose

shirl said...

So happy your getting warmer weather Lorena! The things you painted are beautiful!

vickie said...

Beautiful roses as always. Glad you are having warmer weather, Happy Spring.

Katie said...

Happy Finally Spring! Love your tuscan platter!