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Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Making Progress!

So..the last few days I have still been a putterin'. This SPRING CLEANING sure takes up a long time!!!! Please don get worried tho, I am not running myself ragged. I work at my own pace, taking a break, fixing something..and most importantly, I keep my glue on, ready for a work out! The floors and windows in certain areas were neglected so they got scrubbed! Does my heart good to finally get that done.

You see, for the past few years I have not felt like myself. When you don't feel well, many things go by the wayside. One of them for me was deep cleaning and seasonal decorating. I found out 2 years ago I have HYPERGYCEMIA (High Blood Sugar) or early stages of Type 2 Diabeties and I am only turning 50 this year! I am NOT over weight but am one of the lucky ones who inherited the predisposition to this disease. I didn't realize that my lack of energy, fatigue, peeing/drinking water all the time and ability to keep going were so keyed into this. After 2 years of taking medication that is working, I am now beginning to see wonderful results. As a matter of fact, my Endocronogist was so happy with my progress in February he no longer needs to see me every 6 months! YEAH...he said everything has been kept pretty even, weight (yep), A1C tests and my overall health.

So now you know why I am making such a BIG deal about all of this. That makes all that I am able to do that much sweeter!

I decided that my entrance into our home needed a little sprucing up and changed! I am so happy with how this all turned out. I LOVE the picture of entering a beautiful garden by Thomas Kinkade!
This darling set of bunnies was painted by me 17 years ago. They have such sweet memories too...I was pregnant with my daughter and got to go on a rare visit to see my dear childhood friend Cynthia who lives in Redding, CA. She was taking tole painting then...and I tagged along to one of her classes...this was before I actually began painting myself...neat huh?

I did some cleaning/dusting and rearranging of my hutch! I had to show off my beloved Rose Chintz China my mom started me on! This is just a teeny portion of what I have..I am still trying to finish up a place setting of 8. Almost there!
I brought out a round table so that I could create this darling vinette in one of the corners of my Dining Room...which still is a working in progress!'s a peek of the pass through (butlers pantry)...all done up for spring!
So...if you are in the midst of, or have already completed your Seasonal Decorating I'd LOVE to hear from you so I can take a peek. Leave me a comment so I can come on by and visit!


Sandra said...

Pretty pretty! I like your set of dishes too. :)


Looking very Spring and Easter(ie)
and glad that you are feeling better. Still haven't started my spring cleaning...
Love your chinz rose dishes. I have a few pieces of chinz...isn't it lovely to look at.
If you have enough energy for more spring cleaning...come on over...I'll make some tea!!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Lorena,
So glad that you are feeling back to normal again and improving so nicely with your health. It is such a blessing.

Your home looks lovely and each and every display is so pretty and so inspiring for spring. The little bunnies you painted are adorable. Love your entry table display. It says, welcome and come in. The butlers pantry pass through is delightful. You certainly have been busy and I am so happy for you to be feeling better.
Prayers have been answered.
Happy Spring,
Love ya, Celestina Marie

TattingChic said...

What darling Easter goodies you have! So sweet, cheery and Springy! :)

Victoria Lynn said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better! I need to do some Spring cleaning, my mum is coming for a visit in two weeks and I need to get going on that. Everything always feels so much better once it's clean. I am continuing to uphold your family in my prayers. Just trust in the Lord, He NEVER fails. God bless you! Hugs, Victoria Lynn

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Yopu have such a sweet blog! I LOVE your craft room! Wonderful place to create! Enjoyed my visit!


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so Beautiful!! What a lovely home you have!!
Have a great day!!

Donna Lynn said...

I am so thankful you are feeling better, it is awful when you feel zapped of your energy. I too have been cleaning, closets, under beds, the garage! It does feel so good to get organized.

Donna Lynn

Shirl said...

Hello Lorena, so many pretty things here. I love the way you decorate! Your cakes and bunnies are adorable. I love your blue post, that was really cute. Gonna go check that out some more! Your china is stunning! Still keeping you in my prayers!
Love you, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I am in love with your rose chintz china. You have the most beautiful china pieces ever and I love seeing pics of all of it! I hope you are feeling better and glad you had a good report. Thanks for the compliments on the flowers. You can never go wrong with roses. They are beautiful.