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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MORE Exciting NEWs!!!

Okay my sweet blogging friends, you are NOT gonna believe this one!

Alas, my dear hubby and I had made a decision to move forward with the Franchise we had been investigating. And, I knew that my hubs was a bit hesitant because nothing in his field of work had come to light. Well...wouldn't you know it, 2 days after we made our decision and since, he has had 2 people contact him asking if he's interested in a couple of positions. So he prayed about it and we both felt he needed to investigate each one further.

Graciously, those we have been working with have been support of this decision and it will not mean any financial loss to us, which it could have been. That in itself is HUGE! I still have a PEACE but do not know what is going to happen. We have asked to delay all that we are doing towards the franchise and will try and make some decision at the end of this month. FUNNY side note: hubby kept saying to me: "You just watch, once we go ahead something will turn up!"..lo and behold, it has. So continue to keep us in your prayers. I am praying that whatever GOD wants will be made very clear to us.

Are you wondering why I have a graphic of Christmas up. Well, since things have changed around here I am going to take advantage of the time. I have gotten in CHRISTMAS Creative MODE!!! Yep..I am pulling out my goodies to see what I can come up with and have listed some sweet things in my etsy shop. More creating and listing to come. So, If you like to do your Christmas Shopping early...well check it out! I'll give ya a little teaser!

The above what an original idea I had, using my handmade clay roses and then embellishing it with pretty buttons and rhinestones. Below, is another sweet collage of a darling Vintage Snowman Image. I just Love Victorian art!!!

Blessings, Lorena


blushing rose said...

This happened to my DH one time also. Trouble was he couldn't get out of the one commitment to take the step he truly desired at the time. BUT all worked out for the best in the end. Take your time ... one step at a time. Good luck & God bless.

Love the Christmas ... just around the corner.
TTFN ~Marydon


Hello Sweet Lorena,
I have been thinking about you...that is great news that your hubby has a choice about 2 jobs!!!
I have also found more S&P for you if you are interested...A cute kitty one, some very pretty flowers, a pearl green one and there may be more...can't remember...
Can't wait to see where the Lord will lead your hubby !
Deb :)

Anonymous said...

God works in mysterious ways....
Good Luck in whatever you choose to do!!

Lee Laurie said...

I am so happy for you and your husband. Just pray about it and He will help you make the right decision.
Lee Laurie

Rebecca said...

God is never too early. Never late. He is ALWAYS on time!


TattingChic said...

Good luck with the job situation and your hubby!

Your newest creations are darling! :)