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Thursday, June 30, 2011

~~~ PRETTY Blingy Jewelry Holder Wreath ~ Tutorial ~~~

Hi Sweet Blogging Friends!

Before I get going on my tutorial...
I wanted to apologize to everyone who has been leaving me
comments.  I have tried several times to leave comments
 and blogger was not letting me do so.
After much angst, digging  and a few bad words I
think I got things fixed!
I will  be trying to go back and visit everyone when I can.

Okay, well right now I am in the midst of what I call
a Creative STORM...where I can have about
50 projects, well maybe more like 10-20 going at once!
Its a crazy time when I get like this but oh so productive.

Glad I remembered to keep my camera close cause I will have
a few tutorials for you and some Room Sprucing or Redo's
to share over the next few weeks! So stay tuned!

Blingy Wreath Tutorial
(found in a Romantic Country Magazine)

Straw Wreath or
Grape vine with batting glued on ( I did this)
6 Yards of a Wide Ribbon, fabric or
Satin Ribbon used for Trimming Baby Quilts
2ft 2-3" Wide ribbon to use for hanging
Glue Gun
Loads of Brooches, Pins,
Necklaces, and Braclets

Now this is so easy and I was fortunate to have everythings
as far as my materials on had.

1. I began gluing down batting and started winding the ribbon
around the wreath.  I did not glue it until I was done, but you
can.  Now I overlapped my ribbon about 1/2 the
size of the ribbon to get a good overall fit.

Keep it taut, but not to can be the trickiest part of doing this.

Making progress...keep on going...

When you have reached the end glue the edge
you cut off to the back side of your wreath.

Here are some close ups of what I have done.

Remember, there are no rules as to how to put these on.
Also, I have left room for more added bling.

Before you add anything...determine where your satin ribbon
will be for hanging.  You can glue this on to tack the hanging
ribbon in place and then leave until
you are ready to hang for tying it in a bow...
I left mine reallllly long and because I where I was
hanging this...
You are now ready to begin adding your bling!
This can take some time and thought...or
just be random.  Mine continued to evolved after I
thought it was done.

I used brooches, lapel stick pins, long strands of pearls and
even a few bracelets.  Cool thang is...
you can keep adding to this over the years!

The very last few pieces I added were sentimental.
2 all handmade
pearl necklaces that my grammy had made.  She passed away
this past Christmas so I wanted to be sure and use some
of her pieces that I have as keepsakes.  There are many
pieces of hers on this wreath and
I am so glad that I have them.
I am not going to show you where this is hanging just yet as
it has to do with my master bathroom sprucing or caziness
that is going on right now! But stay tuned!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial...any questions or clarifications
please don't hesitate to contact me.  I hope you will share
with me if you decide to do one of these!

Happy Crafting!

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Sue said...

Love this, Lorena! I started a similar one long ago, guess I'm gonna have to find it and finish up!