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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Making Rosettes from Hand Towels and Wash Clothes ~ TUTORIAL~

Helloooooo.... know I am all about roses right?
Whether its in my decorating or painting or
making them from you get the picture?
obsessed? yes I know, my daughter thinks so! lol in the midst of my creative storm I thought
you might like to see how I make rosettes using
inexpensive wash clothes or hand towels for
a fun way to display them in your bathroom.
I got a stack of 6 washclothes from Target for about $4.99.

Lets get started.

Take your wash cloth and fold in in half.

Then you will fold over the right side up to the
edges, see below.

I then take the folded edge and fold it up the to
edges so your cloth should look like this.

Now to begin your actual rosette look...

You start with the pointed edge and begin to roll as I have shown
in the above picture.  Or as the bottom shows you to beging
rolling on the flat surface, either way works.

Continue rolling until you have what looks like the petals
of a rose or rosette. 
REMEMBER: Wash Clothes make more of a Bud sized Rosette
with Hand Towels Making Larger Rosettes as you
can see in my finished display.

This is then ready to be place into your display piece.


Take your wash cloth and fold it on the diagnol.

Bringing the Right side folding toward the center point and then
the left side toward the center point.

This now makes your leaf that you can tuck a rosette
around it and then tuck into your container.

It looks like this when you are done.  You then
can use either side with or without your seam showing.

I have these in a couple of places so you can see how mine looks.
You can see that I have used hand towels as well as my
wash clothes and tucked a couple of *leaves* in with
them.  I then decorated the container with some pearls
and a doily!

I also did made rosettes for this sweet hanging metal container
I happy with how this looks.

I then added some plates...loving how this turned out!

So there you have my Rosette Tutorial!

Hope you will give this a try and PLEASE
let me know how you do!

Be Blessed


Annesphamily said...

You are too cute! Love those rosettes! Very sweet. I hope your weekend is wonderful. Anne

Anonymous said...

Yep.... I have these in a basket in my bathroom ! ! They are great.... What a wonderful tutorial!!
Happy 4th!!

sissie said...

Thanks for making this look so easy! I'm going to give it a try. Love how they look in your bath.


GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hi Lorena,
Very sweet roses :) I also like your Bling wreath. I could see it as a jewlery holder too!
Happy 4th!

Marilyn said...

That would look wonderful in my guest bathroom! ♥♫