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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~~~I've Been Inspired...AGAIN!!!~~~ Refashion, Repurpose, Upcycle? ~~~Fun ideas for updating clothing using a glue gun?~~~

Hey there sweet blogging friends!!!

I am joining WOW Us Wednesdays
Cool, inspiring and great ideas...
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Before I get going on my planned post...
I just want to say Thank YOU so much
from the bottom of my heart, to those
of you who stopped by and sent me and
hubby well wishes on our 25th. 
Your kind words mean so much!
I haven't been in much due to the fact hubby
was out of the country for 2 weeks...
yep, he was gone on our special day...
but we will be doing something soon
to celebrate this wonderful landmark in our

Okay...onto my post, lol!

The creative bug has bitten me again...
is it just my ADD kicking in...
this girly flirts with that all the time...
I am sure! lol.

This post is about ways
to refashion, repurpose, update or
as the new term I have been seeing calls it...

I am  a girly girl, who loves clothes, shoes, and
anyone else relate?
I have been a thrifty shop-a-holic shopper since
my sweet momma drug my sisters and I to
flea markets and thrift stores as young'ns.
It's in my blood. 
 Even when I could afford
department store clothing, I still do and will
make many a jaunt to my favorite thrifting places.

So...last week I challenged myself...
after spending some wonderful time looking through
various sights on *Upcycling* and *Refashioning*
of clothing on etsy doing a google search...
 I decided I wanted to add my own touch to some
~thrifting finds and in my Closet Items~.
My inspiration...
 lace, rosettes or more Victorian-ish styles that are
everywhere!  There is a victorian/bohemian side
of my personality which seems to be attracted to those
softer, lacier clothing.

Wanna see what I have done?
In my challenge to myself,
I did NOT buy any of the trimmings...
I used the wonderful supply that I already have.
Now the 1st 3 shirts were found
at a local SalvA, recently!

 This simple gauzy shirt...needed some lace
in just the right places...
I then added a *Made* rosette using some
satin trim...
This is a yummy coral color that I wear a lot!!!

Now you can see, this top already had some
pretty lacy trims.... inspiration was adding the fun mix
of laces, tatting and ribbon, down the front,
 because I was copying from
a similar type shirt I have borrowed a few
time from my daughter. 
In the center in a tatting piece that wasn't finished,
so I knotted it...

I love carmel colors and this one is my
favorite re-do so far!

It was a tad too short, so I added this longer
lacy panel all around and then
*coffee* dyed some lace that I attached
all around the collar area.

I cannot wait to wear this fun little sweety...
well actually I can't wait to wear them all! lol


Not only did I used my sewing maching but I
found Fabric Glue Stiks and used them
on many of these projects.
We will see how this holds up during
washing, but it made the job a tad easier
to do.

Some other simple ideas that I have done to
existing tops
are adding jewels and more lace to simple
tanks and t's.
This tank already had pretty lace at the bottom
I just added some pretty lace around the top
and a fun satin ribbon rosette!

This simple, inexpensive (less than $8)
T had some jewels added in a fun design...
and since they seem to make V-necks
too low for me...I always add
a lacy Patch across to hide my
girls behind!

Another white T got more lacy touches all over...

I am NOT done yet...

I do have a few other items I am working on...
so stay tuned and from time to time
I will continue to share more of my
*upcycling* *redo* *refashion* *repurpose*
on some of my other clothing!

Hope you enjoyed this and will be
inspired to look beyond the plain...
and see a *new* item for you
 to wear!

Be Blessed,


Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

Luving what you've done, Lorena!
just darling! thank you so much for inspiring us - again ")) enjoy the wearing ...

Sandra said...

Wow oh Wow! I love it all! You did a wonderful job! Thanks for sharing!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love them all great ideas and I have never heard of fabric glue sticks, I have got to try that!!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

This is genious Lorena! I love all of them! I didn't know these glue sticks even existed. What a revelation this is. I know you are probably still gluing lace on your plain tops!! What fun!

Thanks and big hugs, sherry

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Wow, I haven't been by here in a long time! Sorry I'm so absent. No sew fashion is right up my alley! I LOVE what you did with all of these tops, Lorena! thanks for the inspiration! ♥

Gwendolyn said...

This is a fabulous post~ I adore what you did with your tops!! I am going to go buy some lace and those glue sticks, thanks so much for sharing.

vickie said...

Love these creations, Lorena! And,
Happy Anniversary!
love, vickie