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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

***1st Day of School*** ~~Mom's Sentimental Journey~~~

Hi Sweet Friends...

I am being a bit sentimental today...
Today was my daughters 1st day back to
College...a sophomore this year! WOW.
She is still commuting from home...
at least I get to see her whiz in and out...
occasionally now, she will chat and
catch me up with what has gone on in her day.

Knowing today was her first day made me go
back in time.
So....I made it up to my picture closet to see
if I could find M's first day of Kindergarten pictures.
I found them.
I get so choked up remembering those early days.
How simple and easy it all seems now.
But back then I know it sure didn't
seem that way.

I babysat 2 other neighbor girls that were her age
during her early years.
It was a blessing for her, being an only to
have so many others in our neighborhood to
grow up with.  She always fit right in.
And I'd get comments about how she
didn't act like an only.
That's my socially outgoing girl!
Hasn't changed one bit!

I didn't realize that I took a picture of my daughter
and her friend, but not one alone of my daughter.
These two went to kindergarten together, best buds.
Kindergarten was on Tuesdays, Thursdays all day,
1/2 the afternoon on Friday.
Those days kept me hopping.

I remember Michaela being exausted that first week.
They were given time in the afternoon to nap or rest
but I am sure the change tuckered her out.
She came home and ate a snack but could not
keep precious!

Do you have sweet memories like these?
I am sure you do!

Be Blessed,


Shelia said...

Hi Lorena! Oh, what sweet precious memories of your little daughter. She was darling! It is amazing how fast they grow up, isn't it?
Thanks for popping in to see me and I'm so glad you liked my little crocheted pieces!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Rebecca said...

Totally precious post. :...( Isn't it bittersweet watching our children grow up? Adrienne is sooo busy with college and Brandon is busy being a daddy that when I don't see them I get sooo depressed. Even after all these years they continue to be my JOY!

Bless you friend. Bless you.

Love, Rebecca

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

The days they go by quickly...savor the memories each day holds!

Shannon@ Cozy Home Scenes said...

Those photos of your daughter and her friend remind me of a photo that my Mom has of me and my best friend. Time certainly does fly by quickly. That's why we should make lots of happy memories to look back on and share later.

Sarita Boyette said...

Lorena, I haven't commented lately but I have been teading your posts. Yes, the days when our children were home and getting ready for school were so much fun! We had 3, and we would go to Walmart and fill a basket with school supplies and some clothing items, then go to different stores for other clothes & shoes. I miss those days! Every year I still have to peruse the school supply aisles at WM.
I love your table cover and your pretty bedroom! I love pink & blue together, as well as pink by itself. I am sorry you are dealing with diabetes - hope you can find the right diet and get your sugar smoothed out. My husband's is controlled by meds(pills) and diet. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. God bless!

romance-of-roses said...

Oh, this is such a sweet post. What I remember is my son in first grade, they had to write about something that they loved. He wrote that he loved coming home from school and smelling mom's cookies a block away. I thought that was so sweet so did the teacher, she put it up on the wall for open house. Hugs...Lu