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Thursday, September 22, 2011

***I'm Busy Nesting***...i think?

Welcome sweet friends!

In my attempt to keep it really real...
I'm am gonna show you my mess!
Yep, I am in the midst of a
looooong overdue cleaning of my
family room. 

We always show our rooms when they look all
put together and sweetly done up right.
I thought you might like to know what my
sometimes, mixed up, going in
20 directions, mind does to me at times!!!

I have PILES everywhere.
I am attempting to rearranged some curios
and cabinets and put out my fall stuff.
Ans of course, it ALL is in need of a good dusting.
Did I tell you I really do HATE, dislike cleaning
but I LOVE, Luv, LOVE to decorate it all back up.

It all came about because I wanted to put my
fall goodies out.  This in turn spurs
on my creative juices...
the practical side of me says,
You gotta clean this room up good...
I mean the nitty gritty, corners, moving
all the furniture...dusting high and

Then I can rearrange furniture,
put it all back differently,
and HOPE that I wont have to do
this again till after the Holidays!

Am I all alone in being like this?

I've also been really wanting to take out
the contents of my two cabinets that flank
my UGLY TV and add some pretty
wall paper behind as a back drop.

I have two choices...
the one below
which is a sagey green pattern...

this one below, which has a whiter
background with roses.

Which would you choose?
I know what my daughter thinks...
I know what I think...
Love to hear what you think...

Be Blessed,

1 comment:

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hi Lorena
I LOVE the sage paper and think with fall decor it will be perfect!
Your email didn't have any message on it...not sure what's up with the email...
Have a nice weekend.