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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

***Struggling, Life, Letting Go and a College Child...HELP!!!*** Being Real

Hi Friends
Today I am getting real...again.

I am not perfect parent and I know I did not
bear a perfect child.
This past week has been really hard for me.
Even though my daughter is commuting to college
we rarely see her.  She has connected more
with her peers and enjoys being with them...
sometimes too late in the evenings for this momma.

So this can cause friction and struggles.
Letting go is getting harder and harder for me.
Yet, I know this all a part of life,
becoming an adult and gaining independence.

God has given me a wonderful tool and I
wanted to share with others who, like me,
may be facing those *letting go* feelings
with their adult, college children.

Stormie Omartian has an amazing
 series of books, titles starting with
*The Power of the Praying...*

I began reading the Power of the Praying Parent
many years ago and it helped me
so much during the early teen years!
I then found a newer book she has out
which I am now reading...
*The Power of Praying for your ADULT Children*
A MUST guide to the letting go...
letting GOD and praying, mightily for
your children.
It is an easy read...and something you
can pick up and go to a section that may
pertain to an area you are going through.

Today I read her preface, again and found
some amazing nugets that I needed to
chew on, apply to my life and keep before me. 

Letting go and giving my child back to
GOD is what Hannah did when GOD heard
her prayer for a child.
If he heard her prayers then He surely hears
yours, mine and all who have a
heart to see GOD work in the life of
their children.

Be encouraged, you are not alone in your
struggles...I'd love to pray with you.
And...I hope that some who read this
will check out Stormies books!

Be Blessed,

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Sweet friend. Been there. Still am there.

My beautiful daughter, Adrienne, is 26 and an adult. On her own and even though she is still taking classes for her degree in Spanish (almost done)I rarely see her. She's busy with her life, work and school, and being a wife. I miss her and feel sometimes like I've been abandoned. Same is true for my son-shine...only he is a daddy on top of being a hubby.

What I know is that they, like us, come around. They do and will. Both my kids are very loving and caring today even tho they are busy, busy, busy. I've found just being honest with them without putting them on a guilt trip is the best working tool I have. And praying. Praying, praying, PRAYING!

I love Stormie. I've read her books and my fav is the power of a praying wife. Amazing!

Thinking of you with love~ Your "good raising" will prevail!