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Monday, June 17, 2013


Hi Friends,
I am at a Crossroads right now with Blogging.
I do not know if there are others out there like me
or not.  I am NOT a techy person but can keep up
a little and that can be very dangerous! lol
With all the changes Blogger/Google is doing
 (many of which I do not understand)
and not having a techy expert to help me, I
feel like I am loosing ground. the past few months have shown,
I am blogging less and less.
Now, part of that is because I thankfully
have seen my wee little etsy shop business
pick up some.  For that I am grateful!
Blogging, for a time was a way to connect
with other like minded peeps.  It still is,
but so many now use it in ways I could
never use or keep up.
I guess what I am saying...
I will be here less and less.
Oh, I may do an occasional blog,
but I have seen less and less comments
and know others have become very busy as well.
Know that I appreciate those of you who
do stop by and are some of the
best out there!
Thanks and Love!

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