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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Roses for my MOM Rose

When I knew I was visiting my mom she told me to bring my brushes. You See, if you don't already mom is ROSE. My favorite flower to paint! She had something for me to her, she is my most ardant and faithful fan and supporter. I can see my progress as a rose artist by the things she has collected from me over the past few years. What she asked me to do was paint some roses as a backdrop or border around her kitchen work area. I told her I really felt sweet clusters of roses would be so much easier on the eye...and she agreed! I was so happy to oblidge!

So Sorry about the blurriness of this, this is above her kitchen window.
A sweet corner met with a rose swags!
This is the area above her stove as you can see!
And a close up of that same shot above her stove.
My mom, Rose...Don't they have a lovely home!

Thanks for stopping in...Lorena


Connie said...

Lorenaaaaaaaaaaa, that's beautiful, sweetpea!!! Oh, how I wish you'd come and visit with me. I have some cabinets........LOL Hah.....


Hi Lorena,
My roses arrived, THANK YOU!!!
The roses you painted for your Mom are beautiful and in such nice places for all to enjoy:)Hope things are settling down and husband is doing okay :)
Warmly, Deb :)

TattingChic said...

What a talented gal you are! Your mom, Rose, is so lucky to have a sweet obliging daughter to go paint those lovely roses for her! They turned out so lovely!

celestina marie said...

Hi Lorena, So nice to see you today and thank you for the kind comment.
The swag painting you did for your dear mom is gorgeous. She has a lovely home and so blessed to have you for her daughter to come and do this. What a treasure for her to view each day from your talented hands.
My prayers continue for you and your DH.
Love ya, Celestina
la rea rose

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Lorena, Ohhh this is all so beautiful. I know your mother is so proud of you and she should be. Come visit me whenever you want!!!

countrygirl3031 said...

Lorena - your paint beautifully! Your mom is so lucky to have you!


Donna Lynn said...

Good Evening Lorena! It was so wonderful to met you when you were here for your visit, I am keeping your hubby and your whole family in my prayers...any news on the job front??

Sure wish we had a camera, I feel stupid for leaving it in the van, but the thing is one of those big old ones that weigh a ton and I thought for sure we had missed you! I am getting one of those new smaller ones for Christmas, my hubby has promised...I complain about it a lot! Shame on me! Victoria left yesterday, I miss her sooo much, she was happy to get back to 80' weather and says she will never move back here...sigh, I am so sad about that!

Take care and have a great day tomorrow!
Donna Lynn

Miss Rhea said...

Wow, you did a great job. :) They look great in her kitchen. Yep, her home is very sweet. I am so glad you had this nice break with your Mom and Dad. :) Cant wait to see pictures tomorrow of the redo. :)

Shabby Kim said...

Hi Lorena, I'm Kim and I'm a nw blogger. I just found the link to your blog while visting the Birds of a Feather blog. Love the roses you painted in your Mom's kitchen. Very pretty. Come visit me at my new blog sometime.

Jennifer said...

Lorena the roses you painted for your mom are so pretty!Now she can look at them everyday and think of you while she is working in her kitchen.So very sweet.You do such beautiful and life like roses.

Your Mom sounds like mine.SHe keeps all my painting from the very begining,if I was throwing it away she would keep it and still treasures it till this day.

Your moms home is very nice too.Hugs,Jen

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I have your gorgeous pumpkin on my blog...come take a peek.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Lorena, I didn't know your mother was a ROSE, too ~ my mother's middle name is Rose!!

You really outdid yourself in her pretty kitchen. Your roses are always beautiful!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents



You did an awesome job!

~ Gabriela ~

vickie said...

Lorena, I love the roses you painted for your mom, she must be so happy. Your bedroom looks fantastic, I realy like the new curtains.

cottage remnant said...

what a wonderful job on your roses.