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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stranded In Seattle (Not a bad thang!)

Hi friends...well I spent the day Tuesday at the airport trying to get on a plane standby. Only to find a backlog due to the recent hurricane. Today, Wednesday, it looked bleak to even get a flight out I will get up early Thursday to try again. I can't complain..more time with my family and the weather is GREAT!!! I am missing my family so would like to get home soon.

I'll keep ya posted!



Connie said...

I KNEW something/someone was missing, sweet chick!!! LOL Nuuuuuu, I knew you were visiting with your mum and dad. Just razzing ya, honey. But it'll be good to have you back and chatting with us!!
Smooches and good luck with a flight out.......

Katie said...

Lorena we miss you so, in blogland but especially in PRH - but have fun with your family!

Bertie said...

I hope you get a flight out soon. We are sure missing you over in PRH.

I know you are having a great time, though.

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