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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

*LOOK* What I've Been Up To!!!

As an artist, I get so tingly all over when I do something and I really think it works!!! That's how I feel about some of my newest creations. I spend many evenings with my sweetie watching TV and making my clay roses. It's gotta be one of the MOST theraputic things I do. And then to be able to share them with others, well that's like icing on a cake, YUM!!

Here you can see I have 2 plates stacked. I have taken Vintage castoff plates and married them with a pretty glass pedestal. These now can perform a miriad of jobs. When you stack them, these could be used for serving speical treats for guest. Or, you may put a pretty candle on them in your Powder room. These might even hold pretty soaps, cupcakes and the list goes on and on. Your imagination is your desire! So, the aboave plate is about 6.5 inches. I have place one of my perfume bottles on top for you see how it looks. These were both embellished with my clay roses and some vintage floral goodies.
This pale pink plate really had seen better days. It had a big chip and could have just been thrown away..but wait!!! I fixed it's booboo by yet again placing a pretty bow and my roses and now its..GOOD TO GO!!! On both of these pedestals I then embellished them further with MORE roses! What do you think? These are being listed in my etsy!

Lastly, I have done another PINK Cross. What a delicate pretty way to share your faith. I think these crosses are some of my favorite accomplishments!

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you enjoyed my little sharing or show n tell!




I love how your beautiful roses add so much to the plates!! You are very creative!!
Thanks also for more postcards to look at. The Thanksgiving ones are neat.
Deb :)

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Lorena,
Oh I just love how you saved the plates with your clay roses. Just gorgeous creations on pedestals.
You are so creative and your talents just go on and on.

I love the cross too. So pretty!!
Hope you are enjoying the summer.
Blessings to you and your family.
Love ya,
Celestina Marie

Rebecca said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it that you call yourself an ARTIST! It took me over a decade to FINALLY use that WORD to describe what I do!

Sooo proud of you! Proud of me! Proud of ALL OF US who use our hands to create what is inside of us!



TattingChic said...

These look so lovely with your clay roses! What a fabulous idea! :)

Vicki said...

Hello, Lorena,
I enjoyed looking at your pretty clay roses and all the pretties you are making from them. I have a love affair going on with roses myself. I am new to blogging and would love to have you visit me at Bunny Cottage. Blessings being sent your way. Vicki

Jennifer said...

Lorena,Love what you are making.The cake stands are so pretty.
I tried to post yesterday on your blog and when I tried writing my email would come up everytime I tried to write in the box.Isn't that so weird.Today its working though.Could be my nutty computer,it has its own mind.LOL


Ps Hug those kittys for me!

vickie said...

Oh so pretty Miss Lorena! You know how I LOVE your beautiful roses.

Holly said...

Hi, Lorena! I can relate to that tingle! Your roses are so pretty and i'm so glad they make you happy! ♥