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Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Collections ~ WEEK 3

Okay, for those who follow me, here's my third installment of what I collect. This weeks collection is one of those COLLECTION's that just happened over time. More so because some were gifts, others were made by me or I picked them up just *because*. Each one is unique it its own way and that's why I love them.

As I did my spring cleaning this spring, I decided to put a majority of my Birdhouses in my Living Room Parlor. This is a corner that I right outside of the entry to our den, off the Parlor. I centered them around a darling High Chair that was given to me and then I painted it.

The birdhouse above is one that I have painted and then added a milk glass base to raise it up a bit.
The mauve colored birdhouse (above) can either sit for display or actually be placed on the wall. I freshened this one up a bit as I have had it for many years and it seemed to need sprucing. I am happy with how it turned out.
Lastly, I have 3 more rustic looking birdhouse in a shelf display that is in my entry over the door to our parlor. I love this arrangement and how it looks in this room.

Are you a collector with many collections? Join me next week, on Thursday for more collections. If you decide to do a collections post, please let me know and I will come by for a visit! I also LOVE to hear what you think!Blessings...Lorena

PS...this is JUST and after thought. I want others to know I am NOT about things or the collecting of them. Many years ago GOD gave me a Passion, a Passion to create. With that I can share what I believe is the CREATIVENESS the HE put into me. I DO love to shop and the thrill of the hunt but my greatest thrills are those FINDs for just pennies to what they would REALLY cost. That is probably why this girl can spot those THINGS that I love to add to my home. I LOVE EYE candy around me..and I can do it for almost nothing. That gives me pleasure and JOY comes in my being able to SHARE this with others.


Vicki said...

Hi, Lorena,
I enjoyed very much looking at your collection of bird houses. I, too, like to decorate with birds and bird houses. It is like bringing the outdoors in. Love that cute little high chair, too, and the shelf above your parlor doorway, such a sweet arrangement. Also, what a coincidence that you decided to showcase one of your collections because I did the same thing on my post today at Bunny Cottage. So come on over and see my collection. I enjoyed visiting with you.~ Vicki

Vintage To Chic said...

Hi Lorena,
Love all that you have shown. maybe when I get settled down I will join you. Also plan to purchase some of your roses when I get back to crafting again. The picts of your daughter are gorgeous. makes it hard to choose.

Allidink said...

Love your birdhouses! I collect hankies!!! I can't even display them all so I have had to stop lol.

All the best,

Connie said...

I knew about the vintage purses but wasn't aware of the birdhouses, sweetpea! Hah. I collect them also and just love them.


Hi Lorena,
Nice collection of birdhouses and I see a collection of purses on the peg board...
I'd love to start some fall decorating...just too hot & humid!!!
Deb :)

Amy said...

I enjoy reading your blog. Your home is beautiful! I have a very nice vintage purse I'd like to send you. I know it will go great with your collection. My email address is Have a great day. Amy

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Lorena, I just love your collections. Your sweet display in the parlor is beautiful. I love birdhouses too. I always enjoy to see your purse collection. What a unique display. You are so creative and have such an eye for arrangement. I love your Thursday Collections. I will have to try and share mine too. It is a great idea and I think like you. It's not about the having things as much as the treasured memories of those collections either through great inexpensive finds or gifts.

Thank you for the kind anniversary wishes. Hope your anniversary was special too.

Prayers continue for you my dear.
Love ya, Celestina Marie

vickie said...

Lorena, I love the shelf above your door, with all the purses, such a pretty display. Love all your collections. Have a great week!

Shelly Yost said...

Hi, Lorena,
You are the first to visit my blog. You're such a good friend! Thank you for your encouragement. this is definitely "green" territory for me. I am counting on you for advice.
Thanks again!
Your friend-

Judith Tetley said...

Hi There Lorena; what a joy it has been to visit your blog. Your creative flair is a joy to behold. Just love the way you have decorated with the vintage purses...must keep all of mine now...some are getting to the vintage stage..just as I!
Many Blessings

Mimi's Rose Chenille Boutique said...

Beautiful collection of birdhouses! Love your blog, have a wonderful Pink Saturday!


Shirl said...

Hi Lorena, how pretty your collection of birdhouses is. So many different one too! I'm going to join in on your collection posts I just have been so busy with getting things done before I go back to work that I have not had time to take pics. I will try to get some pics done this week! I feel much the same way that you do about bargin hunting and turning something that cost pennies into a beautiful treasure.
Thank you so much for sharing!
Bless you, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

It was fun to see your birdhouse collection! So many pretty ones.

TattingChic said...

Those are some lovely birdhouses and bird cages! Thanks for sharing! :)

clare's craftroom said...

My goodness you have some beautiful things on your blog. Thanks for showing those birdhouses .

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Lorena!

I have loved looking at all your pretties! I adore bird houses and you have some darling ones. You are so creative & talented.

Hope your summer has been wonderful!!

hugs, sherry

Vicki said...

Yes, Lorena, I would love to participate in a collections blog on Thursdays. If you could put a link from your blog to mine, that would be great. Vicki

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Lorena, oh how I love your collections!! Always look forward to seeing more. Your birdhouses are lovely & I like how you told how to add your milkglass to vary the heights of them. What a precious little highchair you painted to stage all your pretties on!!

Love you,
Angelic Accents

Holly said...

Hi, Lorena! I would love to have a little high chair like that! I collect bird houses, too but it's not a very large collection. If it wasn't for the fact that I move a lot, I would probably have many collections of many things because I'm very sentimental!

Concerning the Cath Kidston catalog, I just googled her, went to her site and ordered it! ♥

Jennifer said...

Lorena your birdhouse collection is very pretty,I love the purses to.That high chair is so sweet.Hugs,Jen

Karens Hopes said...

Just popped in to say hello, I also get a lot of pleasure at re-using things that other people discard. Your bird houses are so sweet. I'm new to blogging would you like to pop over and say hello.