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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thank YOU!!! ~ Fall Decor

Happy Saturday All!

Well..I survived my first week of being 50...AND, I guess it wasn't tooooo bad! lol  I have some very dear blogging and a great group of ebay friends who helped make me feel very special on this monumental day! I'd love for you to indulge me, as I thank them individually! There kindness and friendship means everything to me!

CUTE huh?
I JUST love this PINK glittery 50...from Vickie of Visuals by Vickie.  Isn't that just over the top?
Vickie also sent me some beautiful cards and wallies of roses!  I can wait to find some projects to use them on!

The next item I'd like to share with you was from Katie, of  Rose Breeze Boutique.  She did this darling tray with mosaics...all in roses and pinks and even added some pretty hearts too!  It is now sitting on my studio desk waiting to be put to good use!

Next, I received a Vintage Rooster towel, vintage post card and floral hankie from Deb of Garage Sale Gal.  Oh this sweet gal knows me so well and gave me the most PEFECT goodies I could ever wish for!

Last but never least, this GORGEOUS lamp shade, sache' of lavendar and vintage image was given to me from Bertie of Aunt May's Cottage.  This Victorian in this GIRL just feels so frilly and happy!

Each and every gift was so meaningful, special and just right! Thank you each, for thinking of me!
And..I could not let this YUMMY DQ Ice Cream cake go unnoticed...It has a Heath Bar topping and some yummy crunchy/fudgy filling.  Over the TOP goodness..and it didn't last long!!!  Hubby KNOW's how to get to this 50 girls heart!
I also wanted to dear family who all live in the BEAUTIFUL state of Washington have surprised me by bestowing a ticket upon me to fly out for a visit.  If all goes as we have planned, I leave this Wednesday for a week of being with my beloved family!  I will see this amazing scenic beauty everyday...since my Mom and Dad live less than 45 minutes from  Mt. Rainier!  I cannot even put into words how SPECIAL this gift is..the time I can spend being WITH my family is *PRICELESS*!
FALL has Arrived, HERE!
This past week, I was determined to pull out my tubs of Fall decor.  I am actually getting an earlier start than I usually do and am so proud of myself for being on top of something, for once, lol!
I mainly decorate in our Family Room and Kitchen area.  These areas are both connected and are done up more in fallish colors...thus the focus of my Fall themed rooms.  I will leave this all out til Thanksgiving weekend, where I then pull out my gazillion tubs of Christmas decor.  These fallish colors give a warm, cozy feel to our room and alway LUV it most!  Now I am a shabby girl first and foremost...but when you LOVE someone, well you make concessions..and I am happy with the ones I have made.
Pictured below I am giving you some different angles in our Family room.  I have also added some individual vinettes for you to see.
I just got this HARVEST sign at Hobby Lobby and it wasn't exactly what I wanted, UNTIL....I added some and red glitter and some fun blingy leaves and wallllaaaa!
I added a new picture of my mantle area that I have tweeked a bit.
Now you can see by the picture below this is looking FROM our kitchen area into our Family room.  We have a dividing wall that help give our Family room a coziness, yet you are still able to be a part of what is happening from the kitchen.
Looking into my Kitchen.  Now I also am showing some recent vinettes I have created in my kitchen.  My desk, which I pictures a few post back is to the can just see the blue chair.
Sorry about how dark this window picture is.  We have SOUTH facing window which means plenty of sun all day long..but NOT good for pictures.
So before you leave, I wanted you to see what would ~ WELCOME~ you if you come through my Front Door!
Thanks ever so much for joining me on my tour of my Fall Decor in my Living and Kitchen Rooms.  I hope I have inspired you to get going and add a touch of Fall to your home.


Bertie said...

Oh goodness, sweetie!! Your home is just the PERFECT place for FALL decor. I absolutely love every vignette that you have and that kitchen window is the envy of every cooking woman. WOW!

So glad you had a happy birthday and that you are able to go back HOME for a while.

See you after our vacations. I'm going at about the same time.

Aunt May's Cottage

Connie said...

That's funny; I've never seen your kitchen, sugar! Now I know where you cook and create your meals. Huh, I never thought about it before.

Well, you still look 29 to me, chick! That's my story and I am definitely sticking to it because it's TRUE!



So glad that you had a great 50th Birthday :) and that will you be visiting your parents.
Love your fall decor...It's always fun to see your home.
Take care.
Deb :)

Shirl said...

Hello Lorena, I'm so happy to read that you had a nice birthday. Your gifts are beautiful and your cake looks yummy! I wish you a wonderful visit with your family in Washington. What a nice gift. Your home looks so warm and cozy for fall. How nice, thank you for sharing!
Bless you, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Jennifer said...

Lorena Your home looks very pretty decorated for fall.I love it it looks so cozy.The mountain pic is beautiful too I would love to see that everyday.Your so lucky.That cake is beautiful I have never seen one like it before in that shape.I will have to check our Dq out.Your gifts are so sweet.Happy Birthday to you.Hugs,Jen

Sandra said...

Hi Lorena! I love all of your home decor! Glad you had a wonderful birthday and Happy Birthday to ya!

Vicki said...

Hi, Lorena,
Happy 50th birthday to you! Thank you for sharing all your birthday presents and that YUMMY cake! I am so glad you are going to visit your family, too. Your fall decor is wonderful. I, too, am longing for the cooler weather of fall. Have a beautiful week. Vicki

vickie said...

Wow Lorena, you have been busy!
Everything looks so pretty. You have a wonderful trip!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Lorena, Happy Birthday. I hope it was special as it looks to be from all your wonderful pretties. Happy 50 and many many more.
I love your fall decor. Everything looks gorgeous. You have such a wonderful talent for displaying your treasures.

I have mine nearly finished, just have outside to do once it stops raining.
Have a great rest of the week and wonderful time in Seattle.
Hugs, Celestina Marie