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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What Can I Share With You? Q&A

Hello My Dear Blogging Freinds!!!
Holly at Girls at Heart, recently gave her viewers and followers and opportunity to ask any questions they'd like to know about her.  I thought that was such a neat way to get to know other's on a different level here in blogland.  So...I asked her if she'd mind me using her sweet idea. Of course, the sweet gal that she is, she gave me permission.

As you have gotten to know me or read my blog are there things that may have sparked a question.  Feel free to ask.  I will wait for a week and then compile, hopefully a good list of questions and then answer them for you! Please dont be shy in asking. 

Did you also notice some of the Victorian Art I am showing...more Favorites.  Feel free to copy/paste these if you love them as I do.

Here's to my waiting in anticipation for your questions!


Connie said...

That IS a wonderful idea, honey. I might try that also. Maybe it'll get the "lurkers" to post something! Hah.

Rebecca said...

Sweet idea, Ms. L! LOVE IT! question to you~

"What is your GREATEST PASSION?"

Love to you~


Holly said...

Oh boy! Now I get to ask! I don't recall ever seeing a picture of you. Do you have one here on your blog? ☺

blushing rose said...

What is your greatest joy in life other than children & marriage.

Love the roses ... Have a great eve! TTFN ~Marydon

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

I saw this idea on Holly's blog too and thought it was wonderful! Great idea!

I saw the picture of your gorgeous daughter!! Oh Lorena, she is stunning!! You are so lucky to have such a beautiful, sweet, smart daugther :) You will have so much fun together as she gets older and I know you are so proud of her, as you should be! I cant wait to see her birthday post :)

Love and hugs,

Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Oh and I love the victorian images!!

Connie said...

Okay, my question is how big is your house? How many rooms? How much yard do you have to mow? And how far are you from shopping? I know, I know, it's more than one but I've never asked you before in group and just thought of it, sugar!

Judith Tetley said...

Hi Lorena, I only discovered your blog a little while ago so haven't read all your posts but I do have a couple of questions. I have this lurking desire to "collect vintage items" as you do....but am afraid of getting out of control and swamping my house (which is not big)and, I don't want to have things just packed up in boxes in the attic.

My first question therefore is; "Would it be better for me to gather up 3-5 of the one type of thing then 3-5 of another type e.g. vintage vases and vintage doyleys; rather than collect a mass of the one thing". If it is; how do you be selective..e.g. wait forever for the right thing to come along? Also,what is the best way to display small collections like vases and doileys as an example.

My second question is do you have any ideas for display of old postcards like the ones you have on your blog at the moment? I have some sitting around, but the breeze blows them everywhere and they also bend if you sit them on their edges.

Thirdly; are there collections you have that you wish you had not started. If yes...why?

Thankyou for the opportunity to ask you some questions.
Kind Regards
Judith from Australia

Bertie said...

Let's see.....a question.....

Ok, how long have you been painting and what prompted you to start?

This is a great idea!!

Aunt May's Cottage

rosechicfriends said...

Thank you Ladies! What thought provking questions you are giving me!

Hugs to all!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

You're way ahead of me in the blog ratings! SEE I TOLD YOU! You are just so sweetly humble. People love you and you don't even realize it!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

you should also list your blog on

Connie said...

Okay, this is the test I emailed you about.

Sandra said...

Oh Wonderful idea!
My question would be:
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite season?
What is your favorite food?
Favorite cake?
Are you a morning person or a night owl?
And that'll do for now. Ooops, I gave your more than one question. :)

Edie Marie's Attic said...

HI Lorena!

Very cute post! Like this idea quite a bit.

What is your favorite verse in the Bible?

Your hubby's job situation is in my prayers!!

big hugs, Sherry

Katie said...

Hoo boy. What do I want to know? Oh, Oh I know! You have THE most beautiful skin. I want to know what moisturizer you use on your face!