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Monday, April 5, 2010

Consumer Opinions Wanted!!! ~ Giveaway

Hi My Sweet Blogging Friends!

Over the past few weeks I have been praying and
doing a bit of deep soul searching.
As many of you know I have a small etsy store
and used to sell my wares on ebay.
For me it was always a way for me to
and not take anything away from
our home budget.
I was able to get a few things to make over
put back into my fund
buy a Starbucks Coffee here and there.

But...with my hubby being out of work now for
well over a year and a half I have been
thinking about working.
Now, the thought of going outside my home to
work into the business world just
does NOT appeal to me. Having
worked in Corporate America for
over 15 years, I do not
have any desires to re-enter that world.

Yet Honestly, I am not even sure how to step
things up to possibly bring more income
from what I do.
Things have been very bleak for me selling wise
as I know It has been for many.
There does seem to be some who are doing
a home based business and seem to do well... so
I would love to tap into what may work for you,
that is, if you are willing to share.

As you are WELL aware of
ROSES inspire me...they are a BIG
part of my creating.
I ran across today some magnets and
*pins* to make brooches..and
a lightbulb went on! Yep
it does happen from time to time.
Below are 4 brooches/pins I made using individual
I also made some cute magnets as you can see below.

Keeping in mind our economy,
I want to work on keeping items under $5-10.
***Would you first off, buy an brooch or a magnet
like these I am showing you?
***If your budget is tight, you want to splurge,
how much are you willing to spend?
***If you see my etsy store, my items and
creations...what could I do better?
***what does'nt look like its working?

Marketing is NOT my area of
I'd love to have others share your honest
comments. I am usually my own worst critic.
Yet, I know how important
it is to listen and learn from others.

***Now the GIVEAWAY***
In appreciation to those of you who will so
kindly leave me comments.  I will be entering each
person into a giveaway.
Some lucky/blessed friend will get to choose
one of my Rose Magnets or
Brooches for your very own.

I will not keep this open very long...only a few days
so PLEASE leave a comment if
you'd like to be entered.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read
and help me out! It is appreciate
very much.




Hi Lorena,
I would check out other seller's that sell those types of items for prices...and how about selling them at an antique store??!!! Pricing is very difficult. Guess I'm not much help!
Hubby went to church with me! Praying for your hubby. Take care.
Deb :)

Lori said...

Hi there! I agree with Deb, check out others prices. Also see if a floral shop might be interested in selling them. I think there adorable!! Take care dear, don't give up hope, I feel a new breeze of joy is coming your way soon! Lori

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Sweetie, these are perfection, as is everything you touch! Besides my idea in the chats to do rose tacks for bulletin boards, have you thought of adding your pretty roses to headbands? I would think younger gals would love those!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Renee said...


You and I are in the same boat, more or less. *smile* What I have been doing to help get set up is take some classes from Artella on business. They will work with you (I will be happy to explain more in an email if that is ok with you) in so many ways to help. This is a wonderfully creative community.
Here is a link for the course I am did, right now I am working with another course - almost ready to graduate. *smile*

Here is some links to explore:
This is for the "Blissness Action Camp"

Here is the direct link to Artella

You will get tons of ideas and help through here.
Another idea is to link up with affiliate links with other places that are similar to yours. That way you help your customers and still have a little income coming in from very little work.

I could go on forever but don't want to drive you nuts! *smile*

My email is strokesofmagic at gmail dot com

If you want some more ideas shoot me an email so I have permission to email you!

vickie said...

Your roses are beautiful, Lorena.
We are our own worst critics!
The price seems very fair. They could be used on hats and handbags too. Blessings and good luck to you.

Pink Princess said...

Yes, check out other online sellers. I know here in the Netherlands it is not so easy to sell things like you make(at least that is MY experience, and I have tried it too here, lately it IS getting better though :)) BTW I love them a lot lol. IF money were not a problem I wouldn't mind paying 5 to 10 dollars for such a sweet item. I think the price is reasonable becuse it is all hand work. And that costs a lot these days.

SUCCESS and hugs

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Lorena,
Times are hard, that's for certain, and my hubby and I have always had a time making ends meet because his was the only income we had. I stayed home to raise our children and by the time I wanted to go out to work, at least part-time, I became ill and so I never did go out to work. I wish you all the best. Your roses are beautiful!!
I would love for you to participate in my Tea Time today if you're able to. Thanking you for your visit; it's always a pleasure to have you stop by my little part of the blogging world. Have a lovely day, sweet friend.


Connie said...

I agree with Vickie, honey. They re gorgeous. I especially love the rose pink one next to the red one and then the one next to that one also. Just beautiful. Very real looking also.

Cathy said...

Hi Lorena,

I love your Etsy shop and think your items and price points are perfect. You might try to do as much blogging and free networking as possible.

What you need is honesty and I'm going to give it to you sweet pea. This economy has stopped so many people from purchasing (even from their favorite shops). I have found that no matter how low the prices are, people are thinking long and hard before they are buying anything.

I would continue doing swaps which helps us continue to make new friends who wouldn't otherwise know we were there and keep on blogging.

I hope I've helped a little bit.

xo Cathy

Cottage Rose said...

Well Lorena again I agree with all the girls,,,,, checking out what others are doing and pricing,, and do check out some shops that would sell them for you,,, the florist shop sounds like a great idea to sell them in.... It would be a great idea too to take a business course.... I will be Praying for you both,,,, that the Lord brings your DH the perfect Job... Do not give up,,,,,, your talent is just so amazing, the Lord blessed you with... He will lead you,,, your Rose pins and magnets are so pretty.... Oh and you should make a blog for selling your gorgeous items,,, besides your Etsy store. Good luck with your adventure... you will do great......

Big Hugs;

Lisa said...

Being out of work stinks! I am sorry. It is hard enough to make ends meet with a job! I hope you can find something worth you talent and time and give you a bit more money in your home!
Hugs, Lisa

Celestina Marie said...

My Dear Lorena,
What a gorgeous giveaway and your pins and brooches are just beautiful. I think your prices are very fair as I understand the work and time involved to create such pretties.
I don't think we will ever really understand why some have big sales and others are lower sales, but I do know, your work is beautiful and created from the heart. God has blessed you with a talent all your own and to bless others with it. And, you do that so well.
Your blog reads my favorite bible verse Proverbs 3:5-6 Read this again my dear and I know that our Lord will show you the way. Either it be through the shoppes or in person, your skills can serve for the greater good.
I know those benches are getting hard as you said, but God will never give you more then you can handle although it may seem like it.
Make a portfolio of your work and show it to local flower shoppes, boutiques and card shops. They may be willing to give you a few shelves to fill with your pretties. What can you lose by getting your work out there.
Remember, God will point the way.

Thank you for stopping by and your kind words. Hubby and I continue to hold you in prayer every day.

Love you sweet friend,
Celestina Marie