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Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Journey as a ROSE Painter

Hi Everyone,
Hope you are all staying warm and cozy in your homes.
We just got about 3-4 inches of snow yesterday and the
blanket of white is always so calming and pretty.
I stayed in yesterday and had this
idea brewing about sharing how my journey
as an artist began.  I cannot remember if I ever
gave a detailed account while blogging.
It is an amazing testimony to GOD, how he Knows the
deepest desires of our hearts, even when we ourselves
do not always find it, right away.
In the Fall of 1998, my daughter was in 1st grade. 
God brought a dear friend into my life then. 
She was looking for someone
who could help her with creating something that would
be auctioned off at the yearly school fundraiser.
I had NEVER done something like this but knew it
was probably something I could do if I had clear direction.
So...I told her I would give it a try.
We ended up deciding on a Bookshelf and child's chair
to do up for this event.
Having NEVER, painted on furniture, I
jumped in feet first.  We painted them an off white and
then I mimiced swirly roses I had see.  We both loved the look.
That was my very first attempt to painting a rose
and furniture.

Also, around this time it became evident, at 39 that
I was going to need a hysterectomy.  A very painful reminder
that I could not have any more children. 
 I knew I was so blessed to have the one child I had. 
Yet, that does not make this type of decision any easier.
But GOD always sees the bigger picture.

In the midst of this, Donna Dewberry had been promoting
her One Step painting.  It really intrigued me.  I got a few of her
practice cards and books...and shall we say the
As you can see by my first 5 pictures, I painted on just
about anything that would not move. I practices, and practices and
practices some more.  I look back now and
know I still needed to master blending of paints,
finer touches and detailing of painting. 
But I was Determine.

I know now, that GOD poured this desire, passion and
love of painting into my sorrowful grieving heart. 
It became a healing balm to me. 
I was so blessed by friends also who encourage me
to move forward.  I lacked self-confidence.  GOD also
used this to grow that confidence and
bring me closer to Him. and to quit
worrying about what others thought.

My sweet hubby was also such a great support as well.  He
bought me a large drafting type table and allowed me to
take over one of the rooms we had in our home.
Before long, I had courage enough to try putting my things
in a local Antique/Craft Mall.  I enjoyed having
others see what I had painted and created...
and relished in the fact that they would buy them.

Then in the early 2000's, a neighbor actually introduced
me to ebay.  She took a few of my items and sold them, to
show me that there was a market for hand painted items.
I did not jump on ebay right away,
probably because of fear of the unknown. 
It was actually happened because my dear friends
daughter encouraged her mother and I too
take over her account.  We became *2chicFriends* and
trail blazed our way through learning the ebay system of
auctioning off our wares, she in vintage and antiques,
me in my hand painted and crafted items.

Then in the mid 2000's I began to slowly sell my things
by myself on ebay. 
I even got brave and joined some of the groups.
  I met some dear amazing women, who like me were
wanting to be at home, yet have a way to bring in some
extra income.  Many of those ladies have become
dear friends, even though the groups are no longer there.
I sell now sporatically on ebay.

As I took pictures, I wanted to show you how my rose has
changed and morphed.  I tried different techniques and devoured
other styles.  Over time, I began to created a more
signature style of rose, that many of my friends
call *fluffy* sweet roses.
I still use the One Step techniques, but now have
refined them to suit the roses I paint.

Today, after having my items in a brick and mortar store,
on ebay and now my new home etsy, I have settled into
what I believe has been the most rewarding venture
God could have taken me through.  I learned and
have grown so much through the years. 
I have been blessed with friends internationally,
as well as all over the US.  Many have shared with me
how what I do touches their life.  What greater
reward in life, than to touch others in a positive way?
One of the most awesome things is how
the internet has connect the world to all us
like minded artist.  Who knew?

A funny little side note...before I painted roses, I actually
had dabbled in making clay roses.  Before my hubby and I had
moved to Michigan, as a young mom, I was drawn to roses
and made many items, way back then that I sold, most
pieces were jewelry.  I dabbled here and there with them by
adding them to a few items I sold. 
Then a few years ago, I saw another
ebay gal who made amazing roses.
I reached out to her and realized that I could make
these and sell them as well.  Again, with the
encouragement of many dear friends I put them
out in my etsy shoppe.  They have become
some of my most steady selling items, espcially
my Rose Pushpins on thumbtacks...another
idea from a sweet ebay friend.

What amazes me the most is how I can take individual
items and mesh them all together.  Whether it is a stroke
of paint on a canvas, clay roses adorning a birdhouse or
paper, glitter and other items I may use,
it still gives me a thrill to create!

God HAS filled my life with creative beauty. 
Something that overflows and is a part now of who I am. 
 It has brought a contentment and peace that I never dreamed possible.
When life and its struggles surround,
I am always at peace when I can go into my studio and create.
As you can see by my pictures, it takes practice,
determination, faith and willingness to grow. 
I did not start out mastering  painting a rose.  
My roses developed, as I grew as a person and an artist. 
Bottom line...All In GOD's time.
I often tell others, it is never too late to do what you love.
It took me to my 40's to really find my passions work.
Raising my daughter was always my number
one greatest joy. 
But I will be eternally grateful to my LORD,
who he cared for my grieving heart and gave me a
passion to paint and create!
I hope I have inspired you to find what your passion is!
Be Blessed!


BrushedByAnAngel said...

You do beautiful work! I was lucky enough to win your giveaway several years ago so I have one of your pretty rose projects and your clay rose magnet is still on my fridge. As the saying goes, God gave you the talent and it was up to you to decide what to do with it, and you did good!

Alessandra said...

Dear Lorena, your painted roses are gorgeous. You are very talented and i love all the other creations too...very romantic!

Marilyn said...

Your story is a true inspiration to me as I plan to retire and will need to "do" something extra. You can be sure that I won't be painting, though! My only talent is with a roller and a gallon of paint! Your roses are just my style, though.♥♫

Laurie said...

So neat to see how God has led you to use the talents He has given you!

Rebecca said...

Beautiful and blessed hands. And you honor God with them. Can there be anything better?

Love to talented you! You inspire us all.

Love, Rebecca

Graceful Rose said...

Lorena, I have read about your journey with painting roses. I love that you give God the glory for your talent as I know we could do nothing without HIM. He has blessed me too way beyond what I ever thought. I have been very fortunate to be able to follow my passion for painting and have made many friends because of the internet. Now I have one more! Hope you will visit me soon.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I so enjoyed your story, I read every words, It was fun to watch your flowers evolve.