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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Newest Goodies From My Studio

Hello Blogging Friends!
Life is beginning to get slowly back to normal.
Hubs is back at work and daughter at school to
start her 2nd semester of her Junior Year! WOW!
Seeing created beauty everywhere is so
inspiring and I also know I enjoy the talents of
others as well.  I guess that is why I LOVE
to *play* show and tell with my created
goodies...I so hope you do not mind, hehehe.
This darling pink snowgirl is ready to play and frolick in the snow!
I also show in this picture my lil house shabby repainted *Candy Shop*.
Gosh, I sold so many that I now made sure to stock up on
them.  Am hoping to place a few more out in my shoppe soon!
I took an old picture that had faded and painted over the glass.
This repurosed frame now has a lovely Heart made with
my creamy white roses, that have a touch of a pearlized paint.
Then a sweet vintage earring with rhinstones make it complete.
HINT:  Don't throw away pictures, reuse them or paint over
the glass and create your own designs!
This lovely Wreath was made by folding Lacy Paper Doilies
into cone shapes.  Then the
layering of hearts, vintage and new began!
I have 3 of these available in my etsy shop!
Painted candles always add an elegant touch to any home
decor.  These 3 are already sold!
I adore painting and creating birdhouses.  They
represent Spring and new life...just what I
need to dream of when the temps here in
Michigan dip below the 30's!
Now I am off to create more goodies to add to
my etsy shop.
What do you do when the tempatures drop in winter time?
Be Blessed


Sherry "Edie" & Marie Antionette said...

Hi Lorena!

Your new creations are gorgeous! Love that little snow girl - I always am attracted to the little houses & trees that sparkle. I'm glad that the holidays are over now. I love Christmas but it's quite a whirlwind isn't it?

Big hugs, Sherry

Anonymous said...

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Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Happy New Year Lorena!
I LOVE your pink bird house and the rose painted candles. Oh my, they are so pretty!
I hope your new year is off to a good start. I mentioned you in my post today so I just thought I would stop by and let you know. Hope you are well and Winter is treating you kindly, my friend. Big hugs!


Rebecca said...

Hellooooo my sweet and talented friend. How you be? I'm so happy you stopped by to visit me today.

You are the queen of shabby pink roses my friend. You are! Nothing lovelier than YOUR TOUCH!

Big hugs to you...and lots of pink love.