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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bathroom Cabinet/Counter Reveal

Last week I gave ya'll a teaser with this picture!
I am here to share with you how it looks today!
I did some deep cleaning in here yesterday and
changed up some of my decor!
I am pretty happy with it now.
Below is how it looks today, yay!

We have lived in our home for 20 years.
Everything is pretty much builder grade in
this Tiny Powder Room.  From the darker
stained heirloom oak cabinets to the
almond sink and laminent counters.

Pretty basic and blah.
It needed brought into the new century!
Hubs and I love the wall color, which is Cranberry.
This was a $5 oops paint!!!
I must admit
I actually LOVE varying shades of golds
even though it is not the trend
I decided to stay with those choices in here.
But I felt this room needed a facelift and knew the
cabinet were a simple paint job that would help
to lighten this space.
My hardest part of the whole redo was
convincing hubbs to paint over oak.
What is it with Guys and Oak wood?
I cleaned and scoured all the surfaces.
Then I painted the cabinet, using a
RUSTOLEUM Ultra Cover Gloss in Almond.
After two coats and a few days to cure
it was done!
I am not going to seal because the semi gloss
leaves a great hard finish and this is a low
usage area.  If I were to do my kitchen or other
high used areas, I would seal.

Just to give you a better perspective,
just outside the Powder Room is a main
pass through area which houses our
small Bulter's Pantry. 
I am working in my mind on what I will
do with this area...stay tuned!

Then last Thursday I got my supplies together to
 paint my counter top.
I used Acrylic Paints in:
 Black, Bronze Metallic, Brown
and Gold Gleams (light Gold)

I have seen granite with these deep tones and that was
the look I was going for.
Black was the first color I used and sponged on. 
I then layered with the bronze, brown and the gold.
The overall feel I was going for had deeper
browns with a shiny glimmery finish.
I did go back to areas where I needed to touch
up the colors.  I did this until I was happy.
Then I suggest 1-2 coats of Polyacrylic like
I used on my Kitchen Island HERE.
It has a high gloss finish and makes it
shine like granite!

Now it has the look and bling that makes me happy!

I did bring in more mirrors to help reflect and give
off more light. This room can seem dark.
Above, if you look closely, you can seen
that I VELCROED a smaller mirror frame to
my window. Did this a looooong time ago
before Pinterest and Blogs show how these
ugly big mirrors can be framed.
This room is not completely finished as I
do want to frame the mirror and change
out the UGLY Hollywood Lights that
are in here.
I'll up date ya when that happens.

Just a few pictures of how my walls look now.

Now I am really happy with how well it all pulled
I so hope I have inspired you to give painting your
cabinets and counters a try.
I am always happy to help and answer any questions
you may have, so feel free to ask!

Be Blessed,

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Awesome new look! Hubby won't let me paint any of the cabinets!!! LOL!
The "new" counter top is very pretty! You are the pro!

Hope you had a Lovely Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful job. The painted counter looks FANTASTIC--Good job! Thanks so much for sharing...looks lovely!

Not really Anonymous, just don't have a blog...


Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Great job, Lorena! You're so brave!

Did you see my yo yo pumpkin? said...

Nice job! It's looks so much better:)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great job, Lorena! Another fantastic looking counter top! How does hubby like the vanity painted? I love how you've updated the space just by using paint.

Thanks for linking up to The Creative Home & Garden hop! : )

P.S. You did have a link to the hop ~ otherwise I wouldn't have featured you. : ) So, you're good!