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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our MISS Chloe~

Hi Sweet friends!
How are you all doing today?
I have been struggling these past few days.
I must admit...winters in Michigan get me down.  Its been
cold, gray and cloudy and I just feel like a slug.  I have
been dragging my feet to put away my Christmas
decorations. Anyone else out there like me who just
doesn't have the energy to get this done?
Okay...enough of me...

One of the JOYS of my life is my sweet kitty Chloe.
All 15 lb of
I am so connected emotionally to this little fur ball.  When
we got her over 9 years ago from the Local Human Society I
can still remember hearing her MEOW.  I have such
a soft spot in my heart for calicos and was sold right then and
there.  Unbeknownst to us, she was preggers...only 8 months old too!
Well, as providence would have it we got to take her home before
they *fixed* her due to scheduling issues.  One of GOD's best
timing interventions EVER!!! That Janurary of 2002 I was
privaledge to see the birth of her first of 4 kitties. 
Of which we kept her first orange/white tabby we called PUNKIN.
Sadly, we lost our beloved Punkin the 1st of Feb last year.

Something happened between the two of us during that day.
She knew she could rely on me to protect not only her but
her 3 babies that lived.  Ever since that day, I have
felt a connection with her like no other animal I have had.
We momma's stick together I guess.
Oh what fun we had that January watching her and her
kitties grow.  An expeirence I am so glad we had and would
do it again...but we did get her fixed after her babies were weaned.

She is such a SWEET cat. 
I reeeealy mean she it, she has the sweetest disposition of
all that cats that have passed through my life, at that has been quite a few.
When you talk with her she responds
either to meow, rub against you in circles or will do
what I call the *Rock-N-Roll* plop in front of you and purr. 
She also has one of the loudest purrs I have heard. 
Just now she
walked into the room and announced her presense with her
sweet meow. 
Anyway, on to the pictures...
I just got a kick out of her the other day as
she layed all over my boots.  Not sure what's up with that
but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take pictures of her.

Many afternoons when I sit in our family room she will come up
and snuggle beside me and purr her sweet purrs of contentment.
Life just doesn't get any better than to be loved by
a Cat!

Thanks so much for visiting with me today!


PeggyR said...

Our OH winter hasn't been great. We do get out on a daily basis to our Civic Center which isn't far from here so my dh can workout (he had a stroke back in June) and it helps me get out among people. If it weren't for that I would hybernate!

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

isn't she a lovely companion?!!
thank you for sharing her with us:)
my first cat was a persian that followed me home from school - no one claimed her & my luving mom let me keep her! { i think she loved fluffy as much as i did :)}


Love our "furbabies" !! They bring such JOY into our lives.
Love your "plates" are a creative one and busy too!
Have a great weekend.
Trying to stay warm as it's -10 below right now..
deb :)

Sarita Boyette said...

She is beautiful - I'm a real cat lover, myself.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, Lorena, she is so pretty! My previous neighbor had a pretty calico, too. They make such sweet pets. I can tell she is greatly loved!

Angelic Accents

Roselle said...

This has been a hard winter. I get like a slug too. If it makes you feel any better, I JUST finished putting away all the holiday decorations this past weekend. I've been cleaning/declutting all week and it's been making me feel better. Clearing my brain. LOL
I love your sweet kitty and reading about her. We have a darling rescue cat that we adore too. Nothing better than a cozy winter day snuggled up to a sweet kitty.
Happy PS!