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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where have I been? What have I been doing?

He Sweet Friends...

If I am reeeeeally honest with you all...well I have
been struggling.  This time of year is the hardest for me.
I AM a warm weather girl and I am sticking to it!!!
These cold, gray days just get me down.  In the
17 years I have lived in Michigan, Winter season is
one I Dread!!!  Now I really do try and make
the best of it...but on the hardest of hard days,
I am dreaming of Florida warmth...someday...

I have
slooooowly been getting my Christmas stuff put away. Yes
I did say that...I wait til the end of January cause I like
to enjoy my decor, as it takes me so long to get it all out.
Then, I pour over magazines for FRESH new ideas
and inspiration and get myself in a decorating tizzy! 
Being creative can be both a blessing and a curse!
But when those creative juices'd better watch out!

So today I got a FRESH creative spurt and had to come
share it all with you.
Have ya'll seen those *Bib Necklaces* that are the rage
right now?  Well I have, and I have had this swirling
in my brain for days and I finally got one done
just for Moi!

Now I am keeping this one as it has some pretty
pieces of jewelry that were my grammy's.  One of the
sweet thangs my aunt and momma did when I got
the privaledge of going to her funeral over the
Christmas holidays, was to sit with my
sisters and all the girls and see what she had collected
in her 96 years of living.
Mom and my aunt picked out what was most special to
them and when the rest was gone over
lucky me, I got to bring all the other
pieces home. 

 I have plans to decorate
a couple of frames up for my mom and aunt so they
will have sweet memories of her.
The rest...well I get to play with! yay me!

These really are easy to do.  Now on this one I used some of my
own clay roses, vintage buttons, grammy's pices.
I even took an old chain of hers, cut it in half and used it as well.
The base back is felt and then I used a piece of
stiff interface that was glue to the felt.

Do you have left over jewelry that you don't
know what to do's a great idea.
I'd love to create one just for you...
I may do a few more up to see if they will sell...
will see.

Thanks so much for letting me share this with you!
Hope you are all out there being inspired and


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hello dear Lorena! Long time no see! ♥

I'm reading a novel right now and the author so perfectly desribes the dreadfulness of winter! Usually authors just sort of skip over it- ya know? In a way, it was comforting to me. I am not alone. You are not alone. Most of us do NOT do winter very well!

Well this necklace bib is gorgeous! The colors are scrumptious! What I wouldn't give to have all my moms old jewelry now. I passed right over it when she passed because I was such a modern girl at the time!

Connie said...

Oh, honey, it's beautiful and I wouldn't see it either. I'd think that those would be a great seller since they're so pretty. I've never seen or heard of bib necklaces. Just gorgeous!

Marilyn said...

Beautiful memories in a gorgeous piece! Thanks for sharing with us. I, too, keep Christmas things out in January, and still have a couple of boxes I need to take downstairs. ♥♫


That is very beautiful!!! I haven't heard of bib necklaces. Yours is AWESOME!!! How special it is!
I hear you about winter blues...more snow tomorrow! I'm with you about going to FL! Walking on the beach sounds like a piece of heaven!
Take care!
deb :)

Sue said...

Lorena, I have no doubt the necklaces would sell-- absolutely beautiful! I want one!

Sarita Boyette said...

Hope you get some sunshine soon! Here in Texas it was 75 today & Wednesday will be 18 degrees! Can hardly believe that, but that is the way Texas weather goes.
Love your necklace! It is really beautiful.

Pink Princess said...

WOW this is SO pretty and what a great idea to use family heirlooms :) I received a bib necklace some time ago from a USA friend and often wear it. Always get compliments when I do, and I love mine as well.

Hugs to you

Julie Ann said...

Lorena- Your necklace is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I bet you look gorgeous wearing it! :D I am quite sure your necklaces would sell like hot cakes! Your roses look perfect with the pieces you've used for this one :) I hope your necklace adds that glimmer of spring into these icky winter months!

Janny said...

I like it very much, beautiful necklace with litlel roses,

regards Janny.

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

I can so relate to the winter blues. I get them every year. I always end up dragging on to get the Christmas stuff put away and there's no sunshine which makes me down. This has been our worst winter with snow so I am working harder shoveling and can't get out much. UGH!! Hang in there and keep making those beautiful items!!

Olivia said...

Hello sweet friend! I must tell you as I watch the snow fall, as beautiful as it is, I would much prefer flipflos and sunshine! Your necklace is beautiful! As always your work is fabulous!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hello sweet friend,
Oh my goodness! That necklace is gorgeous! I love your sweet little roses amidst all the jewelery! What a pretty idea!
I am sorry to hear the Winter months get you down. I have another blogging friend who also goes through this. I do not like Winter; fact is, I HATE it! But I don't allow it to get me down. I much prefer real butterflies to Winter's butterflies!
Of course my hubby helps to keep me from getting too down in the dumps! He always keeps me laughing and as you know, laughing is good medicine! He brightens up my day as soon as he comes through the door. He has a hard job too, walking through ice and snow all day with the mail bag on his back. But he always comes home smiling, so yes, I think I'll keep him!

We are getting that same storm system tomorrow. Can't wait for Spring to come!
You stay warm and keep those creative juices flowing. You are such a blessing to me. Sending you hugs.


Donna Lynn said...

Lorena, you better come out here again, I spent a whole day in my garden this week, it was divine! Our Daffodils are already 7 inches high, I know WA misses you girl! When I am feeling the winter blues, I get out all of my coffee table books and look at the pictures, then visit blogs and look at the Spring and Summer posts for inspiration. Keep your chin up!