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Monday, August 5, 2013

Gorgeous Ralph Lauren Tablecloth Turned Kitchen Curtains

Hey Everyone,
I thought I would share with you a project that I have been trying to work on for months.  I FINALLY finished it up today.
Let me set the to speak, for you as to why it has taken so long.
Last December, hubs and I made a major decision ($$$) and replaced all the windows in our home.  Most of the windows were a easy install...until it came to my kitchen window.  UGH.  Anyway, in the process, we changed the configuration of how this window looked.  Originally I could crank open the side windows but it had a screen inside, and quite large framing obstructions.  They were not easy to open and I had a hard time reaching them.  We went with a similar size window but it had a better viewing area.  But in the process they had to tear out all the trims and cut out more than they originally thought they would to install it. trims were new and needed painted...I did that a couple of weeks ago, wow did that
end up being a bigger project than I had anticpated...lets just say I didn't stop at the kitchen trims.
Then a few weeks back I ran into Home Goods with a friend and found a table cloth by Ralph Lauren that had ALL of my colors that I use in my kitchen/family room area, it was purchased it for $20.  And being that I LOVE roses...with this table cloth it was a no brainer for me.  I also had purchased 4 yards of a home decor fabric with small gold/red check from Hob/Lob last year for about $10. I decided that I would do a 4" trim on the bottom with this fabric...and LOVE how it looks with the Ralph Lauren fabric!
(just ignore the rooster fabric, I'll explain later)

This was a 60x106, my window measured 48x68,
I basically trimed about 12 inches off and used the rest.

I measured my window, remeasured my fabrics and was going to cut everything out
last Wednesday, when I awoke to a horrid Migraine that lasted for 3 days!  Being somewhat smart, I decided it would put this off for a few days, because I KNEW I needed a clear head. 
BOY am I glad I did!
Even with a clear head and numbers all square you can still pick the fabric up the wrong way
and pin things to be ready to sew...and then realize it isn't the right way.
THANK goodness, I did not start sewing and put both pieces out on the floor to make
sure the pattern and size were both on the same page.
Dodged a ripping out session for sure.
Below the panels were all pinned now and ready to sew.

Here is what my window looked like before...

AND... now

I actually sprayed the original tension rod I had with a textured dark brown spray paint. 
The curtains are hung through a pocket but I am thinking I may
actually get clips so that I can move them back and forth more
easily, like cafe curtains.  What would you do?

This was a simple straight line sewing project...just make sure to do your measuring twice so you only have to cut once!

I AM so loving the fresh new look! back to that rooster fabric...remember?
It was a cheap find at WalMart and needed to be replaced so I knew
I had enough of the check fabric and I wanted to tie the two fabrics together.
Off went my Rooster round table cloth, which I used as my template to make
a Check Table cloth for my eat in kitchen round table.

It wasn't an exact round fit, but it worked and now it will tie in so well with
my new curtains that I have up.  I still need to trim up the ends...and am planning on going back and getting another table cloth so I can make covers for the back of the chairs around the table.
Not a bad spruce up for under $50, huh?

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Be Blessed

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Kathy Moreland said...

Love your curtains! I'm one who also loves roses! I'll pick something with roses everytime! Great job!

Mrs. Smith said...

That turned out so beautiful! Elegant, warm, cozy, all at the same time!

I hope you continue to feel better and have a great week!


I also LOVE your new curtains!!! Good idea to make a pattern for the table cloth! I have an oval table and it's very hard to find a tablecloth!

Alessandra said...

Your new curtains are very lovely and romantic.

Stacey said...

Your curtains turned out beautifully. The whole area is really pretty.