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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kitty Post

Hi Everyone!
My name is Tiger. 
My mom asked me to share with you about
how I take good care of her and my beloved family!
I was adopted over 12 years ago along with my families
other cat Chloe.  Sadly, we said goodbyeto her last June.
My mommy still misses her very much, they had a bond
and loved each other dearly.
I stepped into her shoes and now keep my mom very busy
loving on me, so she won't be too sad anymore.
My doctor tells me I may be a Norwegian Forrest Cat
because I am so big and fluffy.
I think I weigh over 12lbs.

Here is a picture of Chloe for you to see who I am talking about.

I love my family and now RELISH
in the fact that I am theirONLY kitty now. 
I love ALL the attention I get!
If you pet me behind my ears and jaw, I will PURR for you!
I like to talk with my family and let them know where I am
going or want to go, like in the garage or outside to eat some grass.
  I will even will follow the *girl* upstairs to her room so I can
snuggle with her. I think she's my favorite!
Shhh...don't tell the others though, cause I love them
so much too!

I am mommies lil helper when she is trying to work on
a project.  If she puts one of those yard sticks under the
material, I just might have to play with it.

I do sleep alot, and this perch by our Dining Room
window is one of my FAVs!

I also like to snoop and find fun things to do around the house!

Oh, did I tell you I like to nap? Especially on a warm
and fuzzy blanket or even a pillow?
My mom says I am getting soft in my old age.

During the winter you can usually find me hanging out
with my family while they watch that TV.
If they put out some of those warm
blankets over the back of a couch or chair,
well that will be where I sit.
Oh yeah, you know that *girl*...well I have a THANG
for her.  I think she hung the moon!  I am so going to miss
her when she goes off this year to live in her
sorority Delta Zeta house.  I hope she comes and
visits me... a lot!
Thanks for Stopping by!

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