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Friday, August 30, 2013

Tweaking My Master

Hey sweet friends how are you?
A while back I did some tweaking in my Master Bedroom.
I finally got around to taking some pictures so you can see
what I have done.
About a month ago I painted the large Window you see
above the bed and that's was one of the many things I did.
For me, the size has always
been a challenge due to cathedral peaked ceilings
and how the room is laid out. 
Another big change was using white sheers and
newly purchased ruffly curtain panels
on this very large window. I cannot get over how
much lighter and brighter this room feels now.
So in an effort to create a more cozy feel, that I seem to
crave in my rooms, I have created vignettes all around
to help soften the spaces.
This picture below, shows you how we live
in this room...ugly big TV is a must due to how
far away this space is from our bed.  I love my soft bed
and can hardly wait each night to jump in and watch TV.
The tread...well it needs to be moved to the basement,
I know it should not be here,
unfortunately it is sooooo heavy and will take
a crew of big strong men to move it. 
In the meantime,
 we do actually use it, a lot,
especially during the L O N G cold Michigan winters.
Okay back to the pretties.  I took pictures of my corners
vignettes that are full of sweet pinks and blues.

Do you see the shutters on my dresser?
I used them to hide those ugly cords hanging
from the monster TV, lol.

This is MY absolute favorite picture of Hubs and me.
Think it was taken at least 13-14 years ago.

Can you tell I like small trinkets?

I am sooooo sentimental, most of them have been given
to is hard for me to let them go.

On the wall  in the picture below,
you can see my wedding dress on the left
and a sweet pink Gunne Sax on the right!

Now I am Happy with how this room seems to
give me a cozier feel inspite of its size.
Be Blessed!

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Jeanne Baney said...

If you put the treadmill in the basement you will not use it! Keep it handy! Make or buy a cute free standing screen you can decorate to match the room and screen out the ugly! Why can't they make white TV's? Then you could pretend it was a window!


Love the light and brightness of your bedroom! It's nice to see that you "live' in your home! Many pretties you have!
Happy Weekend!

Tami Kenner said...

Hi Lorena,
Love your cozy makeover!
I envy your large space. You can enjoy the tv when you are on the treadmill. I great private retreat.
Happy pink Saturday &Holiday weekend.
♥ Tami

Анисса Алекс said...

Очень красивый дом! С удовольствием посещаю ваш блог!!! Желаю счастья! Анисса)