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Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Decorating ~ In the Blue

Hi Sweet Friends!

I am making slow, but steady progress in my Christmas decorating. 
How are you all doing?

If you have seen my PINK Saturday post you know I also love pinks and
do one room in my home in those Lovely hues!
But...if I reveal my true inner self...I am a BLUE girl thru and through!
My master bath and bedroom is done in soft blues
and of course pinks! AND my studio is done in a robins egg blue!

Now, our dining room is another story all together
being that it's painted in a very ROYAL BLUE!
When we did this room over 12 years ago. I LOVE this color
then and I still do.   I knew that this color would
POP with our wonderful trims the builder put in our home.
So this year I decided to combine my pinks with my blue
in our very formal entry with blues in the dining room
blue/pinks in our entry. idea from my friend Steph of Angelic Accents!

Because I am a decorator at heart (not by training) I have tubs
full of differing colors that I radomly use each year.
I usually change things out for the most part but use staples
like...balls, beads and misc stuff in differing colors.
I uses REDs, GOLDs, Blues and Pinks in my home during Christmas.
Then, when I come up with an idea or plan..well the rest is history! lol

You can tell These pix were before I got my garland up.'s what I did. I have a trio of graduating is sizes  primitive trees.
I knew they'd have to go UP, because of my kitties.
A couple of my naughty kitties LOVE chewing on these trees.
Beats me why, but I have to keep these things in mind as I decorate.
My garland up the stair case is another find from over 15 years ago.
I keep the 2 pieces together with their lights and beads
and then tweak it as I put it up.  This definitely is a 2 person
jobs so hubby usually helps.  But when its all done and lit up
the affect is just dreamy!

I took a few pictures from my Dining Room looking into the Foyer and Living Room.

I pulled out most of my blue tubs but think I might have more I haven't found. And I
thought I was organized, GEEEESH!!! Anyway....
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
 My only regret, I wish I could get a decent picture with the blue lights that I
put on the trees! Can't for the life of me get a decent one.

Thanks for letting me share today what i have been up to.
If you don't see me in here for a few more days,
well you will know that I am still finishing up my decorating.
So much for getting an earlier start this year!


PS..I also do Red and Golds..those rooms are next!!!


Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Lorena,
I think your home is lovely! I especially love your entry way! Can't wait to see more. Have a beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful!! Beautiful.....
Happy Holidays!!

Connie said...

I have always loved your blue dining room, sugar. But that stair case looks lovely with so much greenery on it. Just gorgeous.

Cheryl Miller Mosaics said...

Hi Lorena! I just found your blog thru Diane at Saturday Finds. Yummy! I, too, am a pink-freak who tends to decorate in robin's egg blue! I'm looking forward to reading your past posts!--Cheryl

Rita said...

Hi Lorena,
thanks for letting us have a tour of your home. everything looks so beautiful all "dressed up" in blue for the holday. You have created a truoy unique ambience.thanks for sharing

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Lorena,
WOW everything is simply gorgeous. I love your entry way and the dining room is stunning in the cobalt blue. I added the cobalt to our dining room tree to this year. It faces the street in the window.

I adore your white pink tree. So pretty and the pic of your sweet daughter is a special keepsake.

You sure have made everything so inspiring and I look forward to seeing the rest with the reds and golds. I do the same with the colors. We think so much alike.

Hope you are enjoying the season although very busy.
Always prayers sweet friend.
Love to you, Celestina Marie


Your Christmas blues are lovely. Your dining room is gorgeous! I love the wall color, that is the same color of our cabin bedroom. Blessings!

Just Between Us Girls said...

I love all your decorating. My gosh you must work from sun up to sun down. I also think your blog is just beautiful.
Have a great time decorating every inch of your house. The effect so far is wonderful.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Sweet Lorena, your entry is truly breath-taking! I love the bannister!! Curls and all!! The trio of trees are so pretty and I love them being elevated. And that wine cooler looks awesome with the ornies in it!

Love you,
Angelic Accents

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...