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Monday, July 25, 2011

***Sharing Recent Etsy Shoppe Listings***

Hello Dear Blogging friends!

Thanks for stopping by today!

In between my cleaning and sprucing up my home
I have been inspired to get a few goodies
finished and listed in my etsy shop.
I'd LOVE for you to stop by and take a peek!

I did a line of crosses and have more to finish up...
but I offer them in pinks, white and lavender too.
I also introduced a new category *Office Rose Goodies*...
as it seems many of the items I have been working on
lately fall in the to organization and office area.

This tray is soooo versitile...its magnetic...can hang or
even be used in your vanity area for bottles...
many colors to choose from...
each one comes with a matching rose magnet!

Then I love finding these old clipboards as they are such
a pretty way to keep papers organized!

This was a trash to treasure redo...or castoff picture that I didn't
like and decided to create a unique HEART of Roses on...
very 3 dimensional and so pretty to!
And besides roses...hearts rank up there in my
love category!

Okay, so I put this last picture in because I forgot to showcase it
in my recent Master Bath Spruce up.  This piece once
housed my pins and brooches, but when I made my
blingy wreath, well I came up with this...
using a mixture of my pink roses and some vintage bling!
Hearts and roses...
doesn't get any better than those two together!

If you like what you see...I am always happy to custom make
these for just let me know!

There you have it....a few goodies that I have been
working on recently.

Thanks again for stopping by...
I certainly LOVE hearing from my sweet
chic friends!

Be Blessed!

1 comment:

romance-of-roses said...

Just thought I would stop by for a little visit and look what I found. More and more pretties. Oh such beauty in these items you have created. I see you also like hearts.
I love my gifts and admire them daily.
Blessings your way...Lu