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Friday, July 22, 2011

***Blogger Inspired Master Bath Spruce UP***

Hey sweet friends!

Today I finally got my pictures all ready to share with you
some of the *sprucing up* that I have done
in my master bath area.
This area is challenging to say the least.
A good sized area, with HIGH cathedral
ceilings that makes everything look askew.

As I have been going room by room and doing my spring
cleaning a bit late...I ran across the neatest idea
and that got my juices overflowing from Nancy blog
(a great blog about transferware, home and much more!!) 
 She did a post
  last year with some amazing ideas and
ways she spiffied up her master bath area.
What struck me was she had the same LOOOOOONG
mirror above her vanity/sink area
that was so much like ours that before
I knew it...I had my inspiration.
And thus my story goes...

Please keep in mind...hubs had been out of work
for 2 years and started a new job in which he commuted
for10 months... but PTL
now he's home and we may get to those
much needed projects...
we have had no funds to update for the 
 past 3 years...before *life* got in the way!
I guess what I am really trying to say is...
I am trying real hard to *making do* and being as creative as I can
 right now with builders crap original
stuff they put in a new home...18 years ago.

Sorry bout the mess...but I am glad I grabbed my camera
so you could see the space BEFORE...
obviously not bad...but in need of
something more!

Yes folks, that is CARPET!!! Why would a builder
put carpet in a bath area is beyond me!!!

Love my dreamy garden bath tub area
 I create a few years ago!
If you look reeeeeally close I did a faux
*stained glass* treament on the window
for added privacy.

See those peaks on theceiling...they are so off center
and it does not make anything look right...
so we painted the ceilings to match the walls in a
effort to help hide them...

Okay another thing...
 I stongly dislike those UGLY *Hollywood Light fixtures*!
Another, why would they put those in anyones bath area???
is beyond me...
I didn't get to pick them
you know they'd be different!

On to what I did.
  Nancy's idea was to take fabric and
swag it on the top of the mirror area.  Now her's looks so much
better than mine because
she didn't have to work around hiddeous lights.
I did find this creamy white swag at the SalvArmy
for $10 and
was so happy with how perfectly it worked.

I knotted the swag to help it fit within my space...
fasten them to the wall with quilters long straight pins
 cause I didn'thave much space to work with
between the fixture and mirror. 
(yep use what you can)
Then I remembered I had some
long pearl strands I use on my Christmas trees and
drapped those around to swag.
Starting now to get a more romantic feel.

The final touch was some silk flowers tucked into the
corners and middle...
Oh and do you see my wreath?
It's full of pins, brooches and bling...
I hung it by a pretty 3" satin ribbon and love how
it breaks up the long mirror.

Then...Nancy had used her gorgeous transferware
above her beautiful swag...
And since I am a plate lover and collect them with
soft pretty roses...
I knew where to find some... 
I went shopping around my home for plates
and was so happy with what I came up with.

I first laid them out as I wanted to hang them...

Below is the left side...
right side...

and how it looks all together.
Now you can see I centered them above our sink area.
(not by the peak of the ceiling)

After I got this all done then the fun really began cause
I could dress up this room in a fun by shabby
romantic chic way!
In keeping with my pinks, blues and creamy whites...
I began gathering...
Our LOOOONG vanity area got a fresh new look,
found plates to use for display and setting out
what we use daily...
it certainly purtifying it!

I also used spare towels around the room...
check out my tutorial on how to make ROSETTES
from hand/wash clothes towels, HERE.

Then I brought in a box to add height to a pretty
table I keep where I get ready in the morning and
have jewelry I wear the most close at hand...
But...this girls has loads of bling
and sweet hubs bought me a large standing jewelry
box I keep in another corner.

Shower area next...
Here's a peek into our shower area...I have used
Rachel Ashwells Target line of Shower Curtains here
and on my large window!

Here's one of the very first things I painted roses on...
I was learning and nothing was sacred at that time...
now I think mine are so much
more improved...but a good reminder of
how far I have come in my painting!

A pretty decorated shelf above my toilet!

Last area I'd like to share is around our
Garden is SOOOO bright here that
I had to take a gazillion pictures to get this one...

and then you can't see it very well...UGHHHHH!

A closer look at the walls...

and many vingettes I have placed around...

*I LOVE Roses*
pretty much says it all about me!

Close ups of some Pink pretties!

This area is also used for picture staging/taking of the things
I sell in my etsy the brightness does
come in handy for somethings.

The statue above I got because it reminds me
that I was raised in the Seattle area...Bumper Shoots
(umbrellas) are your most needed accessory!

One more thing...

I found an extension rod...for $3 and already had
this lacy how it soften these cabinets.
Can't believe I didn't think of doing this earlier!

There you have
Master Bath Sprucing up for 2011!

Just dreaming...but hoping to someday remove
the cameo mauve carpets for tiles with
heat underneath...a must in Michigan.
Also, a gut job of the shower area to enlarge
and tile that as well.
Now...hubs and I differ over whether to
paint our cabinets or not...I say yes,
and as most men are...he has an
aversion to painting over wood.
We shall see who ends up winning that one

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Be Blessed and Inspired!


Sue said...

Very nice,Lorena! Had to laugh about your bumbershoot comment... while everyone else has been suffering with the heat, it's been rainy and cold! The news said we've only had 78 minutes of 80+ degree weather this year...I believe it!

Nancy said...

Hi Lorena,

It looks wonderful! I love your color scheme of blues and pinks to. The fabric really softened the mirror. I know what you meant about those lights but sometimes we just have to work with what we have. I've been doing that here. I lived in a house before that had those very same lights and wondered why they were there. I think they were popular in the 80's? Oh well! Everything looks so pretty. I love all of your gorgeous rose items. Tried to visit Ebay but there wasn't any listed so I'm going to check out your Etsy shop as well.

Thank you for mentioning me! I'm glad you found some inspiration from my Master Bath post.

Have a blessed weekend,


WhineNRoses said...

Your bathroom looks so dreamy and romantic!!! We recently redid our bathroom and kitchen on a VERY small budget!! Come over and visit my blog to see what we did!!!
Happy weekend!!

Cottage Rose said...

Oh how I love your master bath redo.... it is so soft and chic... and your painted toilet is so pretty.. i would love to paint mine, but I can't do a rose to save you have a wonderful talent...


PS; I would paint the cupboards too..

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

You have a lovely bathroom! It's so huge compared to did a wonderful job!
Sweet purse that your showed on your last post! It's YOU!
Have a great weekend!

Sherry said...

What a wonderful spacious master bath you have! I do find larger spaces more of a challenge and I think you did the perfect thing focusing on the mirror and bringing that space down to scale by decorating it this way. What a great job you did. The tub is the stuff of dreams, how nice to soak there! Thank you for linking it to Home Sweet Home!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh how beautiful--and I LOVE all your precious details!!

And I loved your angel amazing!!


Anonymous said...

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