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Monday, July 4, 2011

~~LET FREEDOM RING!~~ Happy 4th 2011!


A Happy 4th to all my friends in blogland!
I always decorate my front porch area during the summer with
a patriotic theme.  Nothing real fancy but I believe
it gets the point across.

I am so proud to be an amercian and
thank GOD for it!
Sorry bout the glare from the storm door...
I have a mini flag collection that I do in a hanging how this looks!

Hubs got this chair for me before we were married...
it now reside by our front doot and gets
done over for the seasons!

We just got back a little while ago from from the
PLYMOUTH, Michigan,
*** Good Morning American Parade***.
A GREAT Local Parade Celebrating our community,
those who have serviced and our Nation's Birthday!
This has been a family tradition for many years and
my daughter has been walking in this as well.
This year she held 3 very large balloons in the very beginning...
and...she loves to spy little ones along the parade
as she gets to give her balloons to someone after she's done.
She loves the looks on the littles ones faces when she gives it
to them precious!
We are enjoying this day with friends!
BE Blessed!

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