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Thursday, December 9, 2010

MY FAVORITE Christmas SONG ~ O Come Emanual ~ Sweet Memories

Blogging Friends, Greetings!

Do you have a favorite Christmas song?

Yesterday I turned on my CD player
that had one of my Mannheim Steamrollers
Christmas music on it.  I could listen to this music
all day!  And as the songs played, one paticular
song really stuck out and took me back in time,
many many  years ago in my memories...

As a very young girl, my mom, dad and 3 sisters traveled through treacherous icy roads from our home in the Seattle area, across
the Snoqualmie Pass in the Washington Cascades and  the Blue Mountains in Oregon to visit my grandparents 500 miles away in Boise, Idaho.
Those were the days before 4 lane highways and
well kept roads during the bad weather.
This was also where my moms sister and her family, my 3 boy cousins lived as well.
We travled those roads during my earliest childhood to
be together to celebrate Christmas with their families.
On Christmas eve,
our entire family all went with my grandparents to their tiny church for their Candle Light Eve service.
I remember it being dark sitting on those hard pews.  Writhing and trying to get settled and then the choir began to sing...
they sang behind us out in the vestible...
 O Come, O Come, Emmanual
  the song grew stronger as they walked in holding candles.   The only source of light in that dark sanctuary.  A warm glow came forth as they walked the entire aisle way up to the choir area.  I was so enchanted and knew I LOVED that haunting music!
I don't have many other memories of that time that stood out...
but was yet again brought back to that simpler time
as Mannheim's version is this song came on.

Loving Mannheim as I do...
I'd love to share their version with you.  Sit back and enjoy!

Christmas Blessing...Lorena


Shirl said...

Hi Lorena, I love this song too! Your tree looks beautiful on your previous post. You have so many pretty decorations.
Happy Holidays! Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

mo said...

I am with you, I absolutely love this song. It is the essence of Christmas. *hugs*